Sunday, October 31, 2010

Visit from an old friend

I'm going to try and keep it simple today - I just have so much packing and planning to do. The kids slept in fairly late...which was especially nice because I was up all night.

As I was getting ready, I asked DH to help me find the ipod. Micah started yelling "Mommy, ipod" and he reached up to the counter and grabbed the ipod. Yes, you know you've allowed your child too much access to technology when "ipod" is one of the few words he can pronounce perfectly.

I met my best friend for breakfast at the pancake place at 10 (it is one of our favorite restaurants, and we love to order chocolate crepes and strawberry crepes and share has been our tradition for many years now). My father showed up just before we were seated...he was kind enough to drive down and bring me my cell phone!

After brunch, Maya and I drove up to the nursing home. It was an easy ride, and we arrived right around 12:30. My brother, Paige, Peyton, and a family friend (who was in town visiting from California) and his father were already with Mom. We stayed in her room for a few minutes, and then we relocated to the cafe where we had more room to sit and chat. As usual, the family friend brought another delicious smoothie for my mother...and the girls ended up drinking most of it. A resounding hit!

The girls ran around, played with Maya, and had a fantastic time with their "Uncle." It was his first time meeting Maya...and I would say she did the requisite flirting.

I got a text from DH- he had taken Micah downtown for a rally, and he thought a few of the signs were funny. He said it was unbelievably crowded - more so than almost any other event he had ever attended before.

Dad showed up while we were in the cafe, and we spent some time together. My brother and the girls, and our friends all left by 3, and my father and I returned Mom to her room. My mom showed me a cute little mug that her childhood friend brought over this morning - thank you! It has a great photo of mom from her birthday party, and it says Happy 65th on it.

Dad left a little while later, and I hung around to do our facial cleaning routine, nurse Maya, and give Mom some time to play with the baby. Maya and I took off on the early side (around 4:30). We got home around 5:30, I fed Maya again, and then DH, Micah, Maya and I drove for a quick visit with our family friend's grandmother. We didn't stay very long - we were back home by 7. We watched a little tv, played a few games with Micah, and then bathed the children and put them to bed.

Good news of the day...we now have a new key for our rental house. Tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy...we need to get up to Mom on the early side (Dad is unable to go there tomorrow because he is working) so we can get back in time to take the kids trick or treating. If you are thinking of going to visit Mom, any time is good, but she could especially use a little extra company in the morning (before lunch) and later in the day (we'll probably have to leave by 3). I hate leaving her alone for so long, so I'm hoping she'll have lots of company to keep her occupied.

Mom will be home in six days.

Uh is 2:30 and Micah is screaming for Mommy. I wonder why he wakes up...bad dreams? Teething pain? Not a good night. Probably because I'm trying to post early, pump early and go to bed early. Let's hope DH can get him back to sleep.

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