Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Normal?

Maya was up a bit early again this morning so I brought her into bed to nurse and sleep. Micah woke up at 8, but we left him in his crib until 8:30. We were downstairs with both of the kids by 8:45. Micah was being difficult this morning - he would not eat any breakfast before class.

Mom called this morning to tell me that all was well...and Krystal was back again! I was glad to hear it - it is always easier to have a familiar face than try to work with someone new. While Micah and Megan were out at class, I finalized the lease for the house!

Micah and Megan returned, and we spent some time together before lunch. Micah's nose was running a bit this morning (I think from allergies). He was very cute - he now knows how to blow his nose! He is truly getting to be a big boy - last night, he walked up the stairs on his own - completely standing on just two legs, not crawling or using his hands. I was out the door at 12:30 to meet my parents at the hospital.

For the first time in a very long time, things ran smoothly at the hospital. Our nurse was getting ready to go on a charity trip to Guatemala next week. Before he left, he gave my mother a worry doll to carry in her pocket, and a CD of piano music that her recorded. My mother was once again, touched by generosity. I uploaded the CD to her ipod tonight. My mom asked for a different cream for her head (due to the itching), which sparked an impromptu visit to the outpatient clinic so that we could meet with the radiation doctors. They gave us a prescription for a new cream, and now we are just waiting for the nursing home to fill the prescription and bring it to us. We also requested written orders for the nursing home regarding my mother's last radiation and chemo treatments date.

Much to our amazement, transport was waiting for us as we were finishing up our meeting with the doctors. My mother left the appointment and went straight onto the wheelchair van - for once, we were back at the nursing home right around 3! It was such a relief to have the day nice and short - we have had far too many long days.

When we returned, Krystal helped my mother back into bed while we turned in my mother's written orders. We also learned (on the way home) that the weekly blood draws that were requested from the doctors at the hospital had never been delivered. My father called the doctor, and we *think* they did the weekly blood draws but just failed to send them over to the hospital - we think we can get this corrected in the morning.

I learned that my mom's friend had been by to visit in the morning and had brought us mushroom barley soup and a chocolate babka! Even better...she framed a picture of our family that we took on Saturday at my mom's birthday celebration.

My father left a little while later, and I hung around for a bit to read mom the blog and take down her message for today. While we were there, Maya actually sucked her thumb!! I know that doesn't sound like anything important, but with all of Maya's sucking and swallowing problems, fingers in her mouth (even her own) usually make her gag and sometimes even throw up. She actually took her thumb and placed it in her mouth and sucked...normally. For several minutes. It is a huge milestone for us.

My brother, Paige and Peyton showed up for a visit around 5:00. It was great to see and spend a bit of time with them, and my mom was just thrilled they were there. They spoke, she got kisses from her girls, and it was a beautiful afternoon.

I left before my brother around 5:15. Krystal was still there, and she was heating up some leftover food for Mom for dinner. When I got to the car, I decided to see if Maya would take a pacifier to keep her calm...and much to my shock and amazement, she did! She sucked on that thing for a good 10 minutes, and cried when it fell out. Maya has never been able to take a pacifier, so I am thrilled we have finally made some progress!

I made it home in an hour, and we had a phone appointment with our architect to discuss the builder's proposal. Things are slowly but surely moving ahead for us.

Despite everything, tonight was a rough night for both of the kids. DH put Micah to sleep at 8:30 and then went out to Target to pick up a few things we needed. Naturally, the minute he left, the children both melted down. Micah was shrieking and would not go to sleep once he heard the door open and close, and Maya would not let me put her down. I find it nearly impossible to deal with both of them melting down at the same time. I eventually brought Maya into Micah's room, and rocked with her while talking to Micah.

All was well for my mom tonight - she called around 10 while I was still struggling with two awake and cranky children. She was thrilled to hear about Maya taking a paci, and she did her best to help comfort the kids (and me) over the phone. I said goodbye, and spent the next hour dealing with two competing cranky babies. Maya finally passed out - she would whimper every time I tried to put her in her crib, but she was quite content in the swing. Micah was awake, but finally let me go downstairs. DH got home a little after 11, and he took over with Micah. I think it was close to midnight before Micah finally fell asleep.

Thankfully, Maya has stayed asleep (DH was able to transfer her to her crib without incident). I hope both kids stay asleep for a few more hours!

I'll meet my parents at the hospital again tomorrow. We made an appointment to have my Mom's head shaved on Thursday, and I uploaded an audiobook for mom onto her ipod, so hopefully she will be a little less bored. I may try working with her a bit on crocheting, and I'll remind her that she has cards - perhaps someone can play cards with her in the evenings.

8 more days until the end of radiation.

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