Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Grind

I wish I could say TGIF...I'm ready for a change in the grind, but weekends are starting to feel the same as weekdays to me. 18 more days. We just keep repeating 18 more days. Today was kind of an uneventful day, so I think this update will be on the short side (you are probably thinking "finally!").

The kids woke up early this morning - 7:30, I think. We lounged in bed and then started to get ready for the day. My father arrived around 9:45, and we headed out to go look at a few houses. The first place was was just a bit too small. There were technically enough bedrooms, but there were no closets in any of the rooms. The second place was beautiful - a little further out...but it was moldy. The layout was good, but there was no way we could live there with the mold issue. Along the way, we stopped for our free cupcakes at our favorite cupcake shop. A little fun in the day!

By 11:00, we were back home, and Dad headed out to the nursing home. I stayed behind for another hour with the kids, then drove up with Maya to meet my parents at the hospital. It was another rough day at radiation...they cannot get that stupid machine fixed! Luckily, they were only an hour or so behind. We finished around 3:15, and I headed back to the nursing home. Unfortunately, the transport was quite delayed, and it was almost an hour before my parents returned to the nursing home. My brother showed up shortly thereafter, and we had more waiting.

The PT department had decided to switch mom to a "sports" bed, and we needed to wait for them to bring it up and change it. My mother is NOT good at waiting, and she was quite impatient during our wait. They finally moved her into the new bed around 5:00. We were again talking to the head nurse because they have not yet figured out how to transfer my mother to a commode, and it is causing significant problems for my mother. We are furious about the situation.

My mom's dinner arrived around 5:15. I helped my mom set up a few things, pick out an outfit for the morning, and take care of some odds and ends. I left around 5:30 so I could make it home early, and my brother and Dad stayed behind to sit with Mom for dinner. My brother plans to return with the girls in the morning.

I made it home around 6:45 - and my friend Amy was here with her husband and 2 girls! They had brought us a wonderful dinner, and we all sat down together and enjoyed. The kids played really well together, and it was a fun, normal evening. I kind of miss those normal evenings.

No real word on mom overnight - I think all has been okay. I'm going to head up early to spend the day with her, and I expect we'll have a few visitors today. I'm not exactly sure what time she has PT - she usually has at least 1 hour in the morning.

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