Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's talk about Frank, baby

Today was my fluid ultrasound to check on the status of Frank (you know, the pesky fibroid). The good news is, Frank shrank back down to only 1.5 cm. He is only on the outside of my uterus, outer layer. My doctor felt that there was no reason to go in and surgically remove him. I have to say, I was stunned - things never go that well for me. I asked about whether Frank would re-grow during a future pregnancy and cause me problems, and while he said the possibility exists, he felt that Frank was done growing. The even better news is that the other fibroids I used to have on the outside of my uterus (there were 5) have all disappeared. He could not find any evidence of any additional fibroids! So, hopefully that means any future pregnancies would not be riddled with contractions and pain. Then again, Frank could defy expectations and get cranky again next pregnancy. I guess the upside to that is I would have extra monitoring, probably earlier on, to watch frank throughout the pregnancy. While we were there, he checked out my ovaries - normal sizes, no sign of cysts, and 22 follicles or so in the "starter" phase. Not growing (or close to ovulation) and not post-ovulatory, so I am currently inactive (probably from breastfeeding).

I do have a band of scar tissue from Micah's birth that he recommended I have removed. I've been having some issues with the scar tissue . . . it makes sex a bit challenging and uncomfortable right now. I have a feeling it would not be so inclined to stretch to push out baby #2. He said "there is no reason to put up with that." So . . . we'll see. I have to make an appointment with a different doctor to discuss it. I know I should do it, but it involves a needle, and well, you know how NOT good I am with needles.

Results of the day: there are no impediments to trying again for #2 when we are ready!

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Chele said...

All in all a great update! You know Jake was our second big surprise when Derek was 4.5 months old. lol