Monday, April 20, 2009

I have a problem

Okay, I admit it - I can't go to a baby store and come out empty-handed. On Saturday, I decided to go to the baby store to purchase a few needed items. I went in intending to buy an activity center, a teething ring, a toy with buttons, and *possibly* some kind of a toy for the car seat.

What I bought was this:
  • Exersaucer (Evenflo fold and travel)
  • Little tikes 5-in-1 adjustable gym
  • snap on musical mobile for the car seat
  • a standing mirror toy for the stroller
  • a bathing suit with a matching hat
  • a 2nd bathing suit with a matching shirt (he'll need more than 1, right?)
  • a third bathing suit with a matching hat (he is growing, you know!)
  • a pair of sunglasses
  • a pair of swim shoes (they look like crocs)
  • a set of spoons (we might be starting food soon!)
  • a travel case and a set of travel spoons
  • a bowl for rice cereal
  • a teething ring
  • a 2nd teething ring (they were so cute, I couldn't decide between them . . . besides, shouldn't there always be a spare one in the freezer?)
  • a pair of robeez shoes
  • a 2nd pair of robeez shoes . . . too darn cute!
I think that completes my confession. We may have to return the robeez and a bathing suit . . . but I think I sold DH on all the other items!


Chele said...

Holy Cow! That was quite the shopping trip. lol!

Emah S said...

So much for recession, huh? haha!

As for the Robeez..........keep at least one pair. They're great for when he starts pulling up to stand and you're not so thrilled with the cleanliness of the floor, ground, etc. I had my boys in theirs until they could walk on their own. :)

Also, you're going to want a swim shirt with those bathing suits!