Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A day in the life on Facebook

Tkeys is watching DH chase a wet dog around the house with a very little towel. Nugget 1, DH 0. Ah yes, and then Nugget decides to towel dry herself on Micah's playmat. Lovely!

DH at 1:34am April 3
I didn't chase - I let her come to me, which she did (or at least tried to run past me like the maniac she becomes when wet) and caught her in this towel, where I dried her off. She took to the playmat before I could get the towel. I would at least say the score is tied, if not me in the lead ;-)

Tkeys at 2:01am April 3
You chased . . . and she was faster. You only "caught" her when she climbed on the couch to relax after her wild run through the house tracking muddy wet paw prints on the newly washed floor!

DH at 2:06am April 3
Keep telling yourself that!

Tkeys at 2:12am April 3
I know what I saw . . . and anyone who knows Nugget will know the truth.

Stu at 6:22am April 3
I hope you guys are sitting next to each other typing this...

Tkeys at 9:31pm April 3
Of course we were!

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