Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drivin' & Pumpin'

Yes, it is true . . . you can pump and drive. I know I should not admit that I have done this, but on Monday I felt as if I had no choice. I had a crazy day on Monday - running around in the morning and dropping Micah off at daycare for the first time, followed by my meeting downtown. I knew Micah's next bottle was due sometime during my meeting, so I could not pump at that time (don't you think pumping in a meeting would have been worse?). I also knew that by the time I got home, Micah would want to eat again within a short period of time. I was afraid of waiting too long after he had last eaten to pump because it could inadvertently take away some of his needed food. So, when I left my meeting around 4:20, I knew I was easily 45 minutes from home. I called DH, and he was picking up Micah, and told me Micah had last eaten at 3:40. I thought it through for a few minutes, and decided that I needed to pump, immediately.

I could have just pumped in the car before driving home - that probably would have made the most sense. However, I was parked out on the street, so it wasn't exactly a private location (yeah . . . and driving on the roads is MUCH more private). However, my meter was almost up, and the street parking rules on that block did not allow for parking after 4:30 pm, so I was concerned that a police officer would give me a hard time. I discretely put on my pumping bra, hooked up the pump, and put it on its battery-powered setting. I was smart in how I had dressed - I had on a blazer, so my sides were well covered, and I had on a sleeveless shirt underneath that I was able to pull down over the pumping attachments. So, nothing was showing and I was hands-free. After considering my options another moment . . . I put the car into gear, and hit the road. The first 15 minutes of the trip, I was all hooked up and pumping. At one of the lights, I turned off the pump after my time was up. It was pretty uncomfortable to be hooked up, and I was paranoid that people would look at the car window and wonder about the strange shapes causing my shirt to protrude. I also became panicked that the cups would fall off and all that precious milk would spill in the car. So, at each of the lights, I slowly worked at unhooking the pump, combining the bottles, and capping the milk. I was quite impressed with my abilities!

So . . . note to self . . . it is definitely safe to pump and drive.


Shannon said...

This is hilarious...what a multi-tasker you are!!!! Glad to know it can be done, for future reference and all:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I have so been there. I pumped exclusively with my ds, who would not latch appropriately and found myself pumping in the most ridiculous places (restaurant bathrooms, in the car, etc). I forgot how 'precious' that milk liquid gold.

Unfortunately I didn't have a great supply, so I never made enough to feed him AND save. I was so jealous of the women with freezers full of frozen BM at their disposal.

Me said...

Eve - I'm not sure how clear I've made it on this blog, but I am NOT one of those who has an amazing supply, which was why I was so paranoid about pumping on time. My breasts really don't respond well to the pump, so I get even less out of the pump than I get when he nurses directly. Since Micah started sleeping through the night, I have worked in a pumping session, and for a few weeks, I was able to freeze that. Lately, however, he needs that, too, and my very small, precious freezer stash is starting to dwindle. It is one of the reasons I'm so worried about the whole daycare thing . . . I don't know how I'm going to pump enough milk for his bottles.

Prather Family said...

OMG this is such a funny post Tess. If I had a battery operated pump, I would probably do the same thing. I am so paranoid about my pumping times. Life revolves around 3 hour periods of time. I also want to say thank you for mentioning the pumping bra. I got mine in the mail yesterday and It has already been a life saver. I bought the zip up one and the halter. So far the halter one works the best and I think I get more out of my pumping with the bra on because it compresses the bbs a little bit. Thanks a bunch for all the great ideas.

Me said...

I'm glad the pumping bra is working for you, Amy!! That was a lifesaver. If you keep pumping, I'd recommend the pump-in-style pump so that you can take it with you easily. The battery pack has been wonderful . . . I've pumped in bathrooms (that still creeps me out - I worry it can't be sanitary) and in the car (usually backseats, but clearly I've done it driving, too!) and in private meeting rooms.