Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Favorite Things

I last did this post when Micah was about 2 months old. Now that he is older, we have a different list of "favorite things" I thought I would share.

Baby Einstein Exersaucer
Rainforest Jumperoo (we also got an Evenflo doorway jumper for traveling)
Innobaby Packin' Smart stackable snack holder
Cooler bag (put bottles/food in here when traveling - we've been using a lunch-sized bag)
Little Tikes Piano
Little Tikes Activity Center
gumball machine
Baby Blocks
Stacking Rings
Tagalong Chimes
Graco Pack N Play (with diaper changing station and bassinet)
Blanket and Beyond Blue bear lovey (small blanket with a bear in the middle)
Gund dog blanket
Bumbo seat w/ tray
High chair - we are using the Evenflo chair with a wipeable cushion
First Years Sectioned Bowl
Spoons - turn white when food is hot
First Years Take and Toss Spoons
Sippy cups - we like the Nuby (10 oz and 8 oz with handles) because it is an all-in-one vented system (no small parts to lose), but we are also trying the Born Free
Organic baby food (we've been liking Earth's Best and we also buy some Gerber organics)
Babycubes food storage containers We've been using these for freezing the homemade babyfood
Snack cups
hand blender/food mill if you make your own food (I've heard good things about the beabo all-in-one but have never used it - we just cook the food in our own pots and hand blend or use a food mill)
Organic puffs
Organic teething biscuits
Icy teething rings (filled with gel and can be frozen - we have a foot and a Baby Einstein caterpillar)
Swimways baby float with canopy
iplay swimwear (bathing suits, rash guard shirts, hats)
Wipeable bibs
Summer Infant Video Monitor
Summer Bath Center
Cloth diapers (prefolds) (we use these for burp cloths, as a barrier to the changing pad, for wiping up after eating - generally useful!)
Diaper Dekor diaper pail
Biodegradeable trash bags (to carry in diaper bag)
Fisher Price Electronic Mobile
Fisher Price booster seat
Sunshine Kids Easy View Mirror
Carrier - Ergo (better support/comfort/higher weight limit) and Baby Bjorn (forward facing)
CityMini Stroller
Aveeno Baby Wash and Baby Daily Moisturizing Lotion
First Years bath cushion
Medicine pacifier - we still use that everyday to give him his Trivisol and Zantac.
Dutailier glider - we love it and use it every night when we put Micah to bed!
Pampers - we are still a pampers family! We may try out the Costco diapers (we've heard good things) when he moves into the cruisers, but for now, we're all about the Pampers swaddlers. We've tried Huggies (they are too big for Micah and leak), Seventh Generation (he peed right through it) and Luvs (he can pee right through those things in 5 seconds flat) and Target brand (like the Luvs - not so absorbent). Apparently, Babies R Us just came out with their own generic brand, too - have not yet tried them.

I'm not sure if this counts, but we found a consignment shop, and that might also qualify as one of our "favorite things" because we have gotten so much fromt here at a great price.

Feel free to add your own "must haves" to the list - I always like learning of new things, and I'm sure others will appreciate the input!


Prather Family said...

Wow, that is a long list of favorite things. I will have to check out some of those items. We are a Pampers family also. The girls pee right through the Huggies and I haven't tried anything else yet. We are still working through the diapers that we got at my shower. Stick to what works...right?

Jules said...

Oh we have a city-mini (double though) - love it!

Tempted to get the bebea food thing for the holidays - least that's my thought to try it out.

Monday I'm going to stop by Once Upon a Child -resale place - see if they have a good single stroller