Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here, doggy doggy doggy

Micah has discovered the joys of calling the dog. I don't mean actually saying her name, but he noticed that when I want her attention or want her to jump up to be close to me, I call her name and pat my hand on my thigh, or I pat the couch next to me, or I pat the ground next to me. Since Micah figured that out, he now looks at the dog, smiles, and starts banging his hand on his thigh or the ground. It is CLEAR he is calling her over. And the smile that lights up his face (and the accompanying squeals of delight) when she actually comes over are priceless. Unfortunately for me, his favorite time to call her is meal time. He can't stop looking for her and smiling at her and calling her long enough to focus on eating. He wakes up in the morning and while I am nursing him in our bedroom, he tries to roll over and bang on the bed to get her attention. He has a new hierarchy of needs: DOG, food, DOG, toys, DOG. Okay, maybe it is more like DOG, DOG, DOG, food.

He has hit a few other milestones this week - he is really sitting steadily now, and rolling all over the place. When on his belly, he uses his arms to pull himself around in circles (and sometimes forward). He grabs for toys, and he recognizes people and things (especially the dog). He is starting to express some wants and preferences. He has learned to pick up these small balls that go into his gumball machine toy with one hand! I think he is developing his "pincher" grip skills. He sucks on his toes, and he definitely can pass objects from hand to hand.

Micah is getting better at napping - he now naps upstairs in his crib, and he takes about 2-3 naps a day. We added in a second meal each day almost two weeks ago. We keep thinking he says "hi" and he seems to spend a lot of time trying to form sounds/shapes with his mouth - I think he wants to speak but has not quite figured it out yet.

Today I am going to try and take Micah to the pool for a little while - or at least the park (he loves to swing). Tonight is my father's retirement party, and we are having the babysitter come at night - I'm hoping Micah cooperates and goes to bed easily. We shall see.


Mandy and Russel said...

AWWW!!! How sweet, I'm sure Micah and the dog are going to be best buds! I think we'll have the opposite issue with Ada and Zach. She'll be saying "Go away Dog!!" instead of "Come here dog" hahaha! :)

Congratulations to your Dad! Have a great time celebrating!

Prather Family said... cute is that??? It is so neat that he is learning to do the things he sees you do. What does the dog think about all that??? LOL

Cassandra said...

Here from ICLW...

That is so cute! Pets make great toys -- living, breathing, interactive toys.

Me said...

Amy - the dog is loving it right now. She cuddles with him, and loves to kiss him. I think as soon as he can crawl, he'll be chasing after her - she may not like that! He grabs her fur sometimes, and she is so gentle with him!

Chele said...

That's too cute! Micah is so smart!