Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wiggle Worm

When I was a small child (and my brother was just a baby) I remember my mom calling my brother a "wiggle worm" every time she tried to change his diaper. She even made up the Wiggle Worm song to sing to him while she changed his diaper. It was not exactly a complex song, but I remember laughing and singing it with her all the time. If my memory serves correctly, the words to the Wiggle Worm song were "wiggle" and "worm," and the tune vaguely resembled Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

I share this story not to mock my mother or brother in any way, shape or form, but it is because I, too, have a wiggle worm on my hands. Indeed, Micah has become a true wiggle worm. I thought when he was newborn that he sometimes squirmed or kicked and made diaper changing challenging. It turns out that I had NO idea how much more complicated it could become! These days, changing Micah is like trying to diaper a moving target . . . you know, imagine trying to catch a stuffed animal in a blanket and tie it up while it is hurdling through the air at 85 mph. I think that about summarizes diapering Micah! He loves to exhibit his new rolling and twisting skills. At best, I have to diaper him sideways. His legs are constantly kicking (and often end up stomping the poop in his diaper if he manages to free them from my hands, so I then have to play catch the feet and wipe the poop multiple times) while his hips roll to and fro. And don't forget those hands! If they are not grabbing at his newly discovered penis, they like to reach out and grab the electrical cord to the CD player on his dresser (I thought I so cleverly hid the cord along the side of the changing pad and threaded that through the cut-out in the hutch) and pull with the strength of 10 grown men. He apparently is starting to grasp object permanence - I can hide the cord behind the changing pad, and he still knows it is there. He will hunt it out and grab and pull. He also likes to try and stick his hand through the hole in the hutch over the dresser that is designed to discretely hide the power cords.

Anyway, I have now dragged out the Wiggle Worm song for diaper changing sessions. It is becoming a new favorite with the Micah man. I just hope one of these days I can find a toy that will keep him adequately occupied while I change him!


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Your story reminds me of when my niece was a wee one. I ended up nick-naming her Felix because trying to dress her was like trying to dress a cat.


Julie said...

Diaper changing is always an experience, isn't it? (The girls don't roll over yet but can still scoot off the changing pad with ease)

I like the song idea - will have to try that one. (least it will entertain us adults right?)