Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Food - Take 2

On Sunday night, I was inspired to make baby food for Micah. DH had purchased a variety of organic fruits and veggies, and I thought I would give it a try. I was excited to start with apples - I make homemade applesauce all the time, so I figured it would be a breeze. I peeled and chopped up the apples, added some water, and set it to cook. Fast forward....well, frankly I have no idea how long, because the next thing I remember is sitting on the couch and thinking "what is that smell? who is cooking something?" That is right - I forgot I was making baby food. By the time I figured out what was cooking, the water had boiled out of the pot and the apples were all singed. I tried to salvage them... but they were no good. I was so mad at myself!

Luckily, I only used 4 apples. I cleaned out the very burnt pot, and started all over again. I peeled and chopped up 4 more apples, SET THE TIMER, and started them cooking, too. This time, the applesauce was perfect! Feeling confident, I decided to move on to bigger and better. I made a big vat of mixed vegetables (green beans, peas, carrots and corn). I also cooked up some pears, and pureed some mango. I made a few fruit combinations - apple mango, apple pear, and apple pear mango. I figured I could occasionally mix in some bananas when it is time to give them to Micah. Micah is now eating fruits - we added mango to the list on Monday with a banana mango oatmeal breakfast.

Unfortunately, I may have gotten too bold with all of my success. Once again, I had to push the limits - I decided to whip up a quick batch of zucchini, too. Naturally, I got distracted again. I checked on it and it was *almost* ready. I looked for the hand blender, cleaned it, checked again, and decided the zucchini needed another minute. While I was waiting, I decided to do some cleanup... which is where it all went wrong. I guess I got carried away on the cleanup, because by the time I checked the zucchini again, all the water had boiled off, and it, too, burned. I'm so sad - no zucchini for Micah! I need to pay better attention while I'm making things, or do a better job of setting the timer. After the zucchini debacle, I thought it best to call it quits. We still have an eggplant, peas, and green beans for me to cook another night. We'll see how Micah likes my cooking!

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Chele said...

Eggplant baby food? That's a new one for me. I want pics of how it looks and how he likes it. lol