Monday, June 15, 2009

Sing, sing a song....

Lately, whenever I sing to Micah, he has been joining in and singing, too. Unfortunately, he does not yet get any of the words right, but he is definitely singing with me. It just makes my heart swell with love. He ooohs and aahs and pauses around the right times, but unfortunately, I think he is unable to carry a tune (just like his mommy).

The past two nights, he has been a bit "clingy" at bed time. I take him upstairs, nurse him, and while he is extra sleepy, I plop him in the crib and leave as is our routine. Normally, he drifts right off to sleep, but the past few nights, he woke up and started shrieking. I tried waiting a few minutes to see if it would pass, but no such luck - the noises kept escalating. Immediately, when I walked in his room, he gave me his big, giant, winning grin, as if to say "Mommy, I missed you!" He wanted to hold my hand and look at me, and he definitely wanted me to sing. At bedtime, I usually sing You are My Sunshine or The Rose. Saturday night, I started with You are My Sunshine two times, then went into The Rose three times. He started to cry and fuss whenever I stopped singing. The first few times through the songs, he sang along, too, before he finally dropped off to sleep. Again, Sunday night, he woke up when I tried leaving the room. I went back in to be greeted by his charming squeal, and he asked me to sing (well, he started to make the "singing" sounds) and it was clear he wanted his songs. I sang a few renditions of The Rose and as I began the verses, he smiled ever so sweetly at me, sang a bit more, then rolled over to his side, stuck his thumb in his mouth, and started to drift off to never-never-land. If I tried to stop, he took the thumb out and rolled over to give me a dirty look. Never mind that I had a CD playing in the background - he only had ears for Mommy's horrible voice.

Oh, and did I mention that he and the dog are having a love fest? She comes up every night to help put him to bed. He, in turn, cannot get enough of her. He squeals with joy every time he sees her, he rolls over to be close to her on the play mat, and when he SHOULD be eating dinner, he is busy looking through my glass table to locate the dog underneath and smile at her. Did I mention yet how many times I've regretted purchasing that glass table over the past 10 years? Yeah - it is just as bad when the dog sits underneath the table and longingly looks up at us while we eat dinner.

Here is some adorable video of Micah screeching with delight on his playmat:


Chele said...

LOL! Very cute!

Shannon said...

I love this post, I remember the days Cameron used to hum along to my awful singing too- Micah just sounds like an absolute doll.