Monday, June 1, 2009


As I often do, I managed to break another glass last night. I think I need to buy an extra 18-32 glasses to keep in the basement so that I can be sure I'll have enough when we have a big dinner. Do most people go through a few glasses each month? Lately, I think I've been going through a few each week. I think between the granite countertops and the hardwood floors, I'm breaking them more often.

Without fail, I always break the glasses late at night, while I am barefoot, and the glass is ALWAYS full. I went to refill my water glass last night, and I'm still not sure what happened . . . I think it must have committed suicide. The glass just threw itself off of the ledge where it was resting. Not surprisingly, it didn't just break, it SHATTERED. The glass shards managed to cover a 4 mile radius, I think. Okay, maybe only 15 feet, but still, I'm always impressed by how well glass travels.

So, here is how the cleanup routine happens. First, the dog comes running, excited to try and eat all the glass on the floor. Have you ever tried to fend off an eager dog while standing barefoot surrounded by glass? It takes a special kind of talent. Then, I need to obtain help because it is impossible to move when standing barefoot surrounded by millions of glass shards while restraining a dog. Last night it was particularly challenging - have you ever tried to scream upstairs for your husband's attention while the baby is asleep? Yeah, not an easy accomplishment. After I get DH to help, we have to figure out how to mop up the wet. He likes to use dish towels, however, I prefer to use paper towels because of all the glass (I don't think it is a good idea to track glass through the house or put it through the washing machine). We have an obligatory tiff about wasting paper and ruining the environment, and then he gets me the paper towels to clean up. After picking up the few large shards, drying up the water and getting some shoes on, we usually attempt to vacuum up the glass. The cleanup process took us 40 minutes last night!

Have you ever noticed that some objects just want to be destroyed? In college, I had bottles of nail polish that I swear used to jump off the shelf to their demise on a regular basis. Have you ever had an object "commit suicide" on your watch?

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Chele said...

LOL! We break a couple a month too. Fortunately, they aren't normally full or intent on a suicide mission late at night.