Monday, June 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

On Sunday, we took the Micahs to their first baseball game. Yes, I said "the Micahs." We went with our friends and THEIR son Micah, too. Our Micah seemed to enjoy himself . . . he got to ride a train, and he had a great view of the field, he got to hold his friend Micah's hand, and he tried to eat pizza - he got both hands in it and mushed the pizza really well! He cried when we pulled him away and wiped off his hands. He looked quite dapper in his Mets jersey, and he enjoyed himself rolling around on the floor in our seats behind home plate. He seemed to smile a lot and enjoy himself, although I'm not sure he had any clue he was at a baseball game. The other Micah tried to suck our Micah's toes.

Here is some video of Micah:

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Shannon said...

I cannot get over how big he is getting. I am glad he enjoyed his first baseball game AND pizza, so cute.