Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Busy

"Busy busy" applies both to my life and to Micah's personality. I have been running at mach 5 for the past few weeks. I've been swamped conducting interview surveys for a project at work, and there has been so much stuff going on in my personal life. This weekend, I had the Komen walk, my cousin Jodi's wedding (which was BEAUTIFUL) and we went to a baseball game. My niece has been in town, and I've been trying to spend time with her while getting work done and breaking in a new babysitter.

The babysitter situation is going really well - she is so sweet with Micah, and it really frees me up to get my work done, and even run the occasional errand. We also got a call that our first choice daycare has a full-time slot available for us as of August 31. Right after that, we found another daycare (recommended by a friend) that has a slot available mid-August, so we have to figure out if that is the right option for us. I love having Micah at home with me so I can see him on my breaks, but I have a feeling that as he gets older, he won't let me get my work done once he realizes I'm in the other room. We are thinking of paying for the 5 days, and putting him there most days from 9 or 10 until 4. I will probably keep him home at least 1 day every week for mommy time, and we have a Thursday class together this Fall. I think I'd prefer to enroll him in a part-time 3 day a week daycare, but right now we don't seem to have that option. We may try enrolling full-time and see if they will work with us to drop down to part-time.

Micah is also quite busy these days... he likes to be doing something all the time. He is very busy when he plays with his toys, or rolls on the floor. He is constantly grabbing and doing. He actually started using the jumperoo this week - we finally figured out how to lower it, and he is now fitting in it quite nicely. I thought I'd round off this post with some recent pictures of Micah busily playing in his exersaucer.

Here is a video for good measure (naturally, Micah was more interested in mugging for the video than playing) - press the triangle on the lower left to see the video!


Sarah and Andy said...

oh my goodness Micah is so beautiful! You've got a looker on your hands!

HopingforBaby05 said...

What a happy baby!!! He's so adorable. Life as a mommy and working must be busy and difficult at times. I know you'll make the right decision about daycare...but it won't be easy that first day.

I love watching Micah grow!!! :)