Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts are with Ben and Kari

A friend of mine from SK has been dealing with IF for 11 years. After countless IUIs and quite a few miscarriages, they bit the bullet and did IVF w/ ICSI. To their amazement, they found out they were pregnant! To their even greater amazement, they found out they were pregnant with quads (including 1 set of identical twins).

Don't we all love a happy and miraculous ending? It seems that the story of hardship and triumph over adversity should end there. But it doesn't. Kari's husband Ben was just diagnosed this week with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma. All day long, this news is on my mind. I've never met Kari in person, but my thoughts are with Ben and Kari, and I was hoping that our big, giant online support circle of infertility and pregnancy and life in general could come together as a community and help support Ben and Kari through this journey. Over the next 6 months, Kari will attempt to carry her quads as long as she can, and Ben will be undergoing chemotheraphy, beginning tonight.

I'm not sure yet how we can help. But, it is ICLW, and maybe all we can do right now is give her a big community hug to show our support as they fight this battle. So I guess I am encouraging everyone to go check out her blog, and maybe as a community we can help Ben and Kari as they fight Lymphoma during a quad pregnancy.


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh no! I'm headed over there to give some love. Thank you for the heads up, that's pretty cool of ya!

heyLyss09 said...

I have been thinking about this like crazy. I feel absolutely terrible, and don't even know what to say to Kari, the one person I know from SK who actually lives in my state. Situations like these really make me struggle with the "why" of the world. My heart just breaks for them. I would love to help them in any way I can.

Chele said...

This is so sad. It just hits home that terrible difficult things happen to good people far too often. Sending some pt and pp their way.