Friday, May 1, 2009

He sits . . . and do pigs fly?

Let's start with the good news! I can't believe it . . . Micah can hold a sit! Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that Micah can sit when he is propped up against something. Every few days, I try sitting him up and moving my hands away for a few seconds to see if he can actually stay put on his own. Over the course of the past two weeks, I noticed that he was able to hold still for longer and longer before flopping over. Then, yesterday, I let go . . . and he stayed . . . and stayed! I called to DH, and we were so proud of our little guy. He is definitely able to hold a sit . . . he only flops over if he leans back or tries moving his arms around, but it is a solid start at sitting. Here are a few pictures - sorry they are blurry!

And for good measure, here are my two babies napping together.

Now, on to my more serious question . . . do pigs fly? What I am really asking is whether it is safe to fly right now with the swine flu circulating. I know the government (with the exception of Joe Biden) is saying that it is safe to fly right now, but can you blame me for worrying about bringing a 4 month old on a business trip? I am not so much worried for me - if I catch the flu, I'll be okay. They keep saying the only reason not to fly right now is if you are exhibiting symptoms, but my concern is, can I really trust most of the idiots out there? Today, a plane was diverted because a woman decided it would be smart to fly while she had the flu. How many people did she infect? And are those people on the flight now contagious during the incubation period? They really do not know yet. Which leads me to my next point - what if there are asymptomatic infected people who are contagious on the plane - how easily transmissible is it? Right now, it does not appear that the current strain circulating in the US is that virulent . . . but they just do not know. So . . . I am worried, and I wish I knew the right thing to do. Should we drive instead of flying? It is a 10 hour trip, so that won't exactly be easy with a newborn. We would probably try to drive at night so as not to disrupt Micah's schedule. What do you think . . . do pigs (in the form of swine flu) fly, or should we?

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Shannon said...

HEHE Micah is so cute, look at how big is he getting! Congrats on the big milestone, next its crawling OH MY!