Monday, May 18, 2009

Those were the days, my friends . . . .

This weekend, we went to DH's college reunion. It is amazing how reunions everywhere are all the same. There is a lot of superficial chatting and catching up, a lot of checking out everyone to assess who got old, who got fat, who looks good, who is married, who is divorced, who has children, who has a good job, and the obligatory self-comparison . . . the "am I younger looking, do I have a better job, am I better off than . . . " line of thought. It is amazing how the same old cliques seem to resurface, and the same old insecurities can rise to the surface.

On a side note, DH is one of those guys that does not seem to have close friends. He has TONS of acquaintances, but no close circle of male friends with whom he regularly socializes. I bring this up to put him in context for his reunion. He went to this reunion not knowing who would be there, and without any plans to meet up with an inner circle of friends. As such, we were sort of "lone wolves" at the reunion. We did not have a select group of friends with whom we attended all the activities, and it was really hard to figure out the people I should try and talk to and befriend. Let's be honest . . . no one at the reunion was there to learn about me! If DH had a group of close friends, they might want to get to know me because they would be interested in learning about DH's life. But most of the people there learned I did not attend and just simply moved on instead of talking to me. I think reunions are more fun when you are the one who attended the school!

We did have a good time - DH got to see lots of faces from his past, revisit the campus where he spent a chunk of his life, and reconnect with his past. It was fun to see him in his element and hear some of his college stories. There was even a slightly embarassing clip of him in the class video from his college days!

Even better for me . . . we stayed with a good friend of mine who is a thoracic surgeon at the hospital there. She had to work most of the weekend, but she was kind enough to stay in on Friday night so we could leave Micah with her while we attended reunion activities. DH, Micah and I went to the class parade and picnic together on Saturday, then Micah and I stayed in on Saturday night with my friend while DH went to a party at a local bar. To be fair, my friend and I had exciting plans. We ordered Indian food, then rented Frost/Nixon. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner, put Micah to sleep, and then 5 minutes into the movie . . . we were both passed out and asleep. That is right, ladies and gentleman, we didn't even talk and catch up. DH got home around 11;30. I woke up and pumped . . . and went back to sleep around 1. It was a wild and crazy night.

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Mandy and Russel said...

I always compare Facebook to an online reunion. :) hehe As you said, see who got fat, who got married, who has a better job, etc.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. "Wild and crazy" takes on a new definition as each year passes, huh?