Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bath time is lots of fun!

Micah is growing so fast, and having so much fun in the bathtub that it is slowly dawning on us that we will not be able to continue bathing him in the kitchen much longer. He now likes to kick his legs in the tub (and soak the entire counter and floor) and he has started grabbing and pulling on the faucet (and has sprayed the room a few times). When we put him on the counter to undress him, he is starting to hang off the edge . . . and he grabs EVERYTHING in sight. He had the dish soap, a salad dressing cruet, my pumping bottles, and he was going for a glass that DH left on the counter when I finally managed to wrangle everything away from him.

On Tuesday night, DH still had not finished cleaning up from the BBQ, so it was too difficult to bathe him in the kitchen. We tried our hand at putting the baby bathtub in the big bathtub . . . and I think it was an unmitigated disaster! Micah isn't *quite* ready to sit up in the tub on his own even with the tub against his back. His tush kept sliding all over the place. My knees and back were killing me from bending down, so I'm going to have to get some kind of a pad. I ended up putting him back on the sling to finish the bath. I'm hoping that we can keep him in the kitchen until he can more easily sit on his own during bath time. Maybe just a few more weeks?


Prather Family said...

Have you seen those bathtub seats for babies that fit on the side of the regular bathtub? I think many moms use that when the baby is too big for the kitchen sink.

runamokamok said...

Oh my gosh! Your son has SOOOOOOOOOO much hair!
I love it! He is such a cutie!

In Due Time said...

This is what I found the best for babies. I hate the regular baby bath tubs, but this is perfect. It's like the foam mats but better.

Me said...

Thanks everyone! Amy - I've seen those, and I've heard mixed reviews. Some say they are too high (and we have shower doors on our bath tub). I was thinking of getting a bath seat, but I think we'll only need it for a few weeks, and I'm trying to avoid having more stuff I don't know where to store! In Due Time - we already use a bath sling in a baby tub/regular tub - the issue is he is getting too big and active and wants to be up and playing more and he is now trying to roll off the sling. He is so close to being able to sit during the bath, and once he does, we'll be fine in the big bathtub.