Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Belly Time

This morning, I heard Micah stirring and chatting around 8:00 am. I checked the monitor, saw he was relaxing on his back, chatting and trying to grab the mobile (which is too far above his head for that to ever work), so I decided to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth before going in to get him and nurse him. A few minutes later, I walked down the hallway, opened the door to his room . . . and found him all snuggled in on his tummy with his thumb in his mouth! Micah finally rolled over to his belly. Just after I walked in closer to get a better view, Micah's head popped up, he turned and looked at me, and he gave me a big, giant, heart-warming grin! I melted. I told him I was so proud of him for rolling onto his belly. He promptly showed off by rolling on to his back. Any chance he'll be repeating this new skill?

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