Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing the noses

When my niece was almost 1 year old, we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. While we were walking to the parking lot, my DH was holding her, and she reached up and pinched his nose. As she did that, he said "honk." She looked at him, smiled, and pinched his nose again. Once again, he said "honk." She then looked at me, reached over, and pinched my nose. I promptly said "beep." Next thing you know, she is reaching around and pinching each of our noses, and we are each making a different sound. She was laughing, smiling and "playing the noses." She made lovely music that night, and every time we saw her after that for quite some time.

Micah has recently started to grab and pinch noses, and once again, DH says honk every time he pinches. He smiles, and does it over and over again, just like he pushes the buttons on his toys to see them light up and play music. Micah also loves to pinch my nose to hear it honk, and I will push his nose and say "beep, beep." We are slowly teaching Micah to "play the noses" - just wait, he is going to be a star! Maybe we can take him on Jay Leno's "Stupid Baby Tricks" to reveal his musical nose masterpiece.

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Chele said...

LOL! I think that is a universal game learned by all children. Sweet post!