Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whistle Down the Wind

Okay - the title may not be totally appropriate for this post, but, hey, I thought the Broadway reference would entertain my father when he gets out of the hospital (hopefully today). You see, today I have movie references and my Grandma "Cookie" on my mind. Do you ever think that some habits/actions of lost loved ones are somehow...reincarnated in our children? Perhaps it signals as a reminder from those who are gone.

You see, Grandma "Cookie" could not whistle. There is no judgment in that - neither DH nor I can whistle either, so clearly, it would be a genetic challenge for Micah to acquire the whistling acuity of HIS grammy (my mother). Cannot whistle, you say? Well, why didn't she just put her lips together...and blow? (Are you smiling, Dad?) Funny thing is, she did. All the time. Mostly unconsciously. It was actually quite an annoying habit. If you asked her to stop whistling, she would tell you that she could not whistle. It started to become so awful her last few years that we would sit around and mimic her. Often when she wasn't with us, one of us would start making that infertnal...blowing...noise. Even now that she is gone, every once in a while, one of us will still do that as we smile and fondly remember Grandma "Cookie."

Why am I reminiscing about Grandma "Cookie" today? Naturally, it is because of Micah. You see, regardless of ability, he too, likes to sit and "whistle." He puts his lips together and makes that same awful noise. He sometimes does it incessantly! This morning, for example. He was sitting in his high chair, absentmindedly...."whistling." And I thought about Grandma "Cookie." I hope she is smiling.

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