Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sometimes, when Micah is relaxing and cuddling, or just playing, he makes these cooing....pigeon noises. It just makes me laugh. He has also become an expert at "so big!" - we just have to say it, and his hands go up in the air.

Recently, he has started to play peek-a-boo on his own - he grabs a towel or a blanket, and he covers up his eyes and then yanks it back down. It is just so cute to watch HIM decide to play with US.

Micah loves his bath. For quite some time, he has loved to climb the stairs and go straight to the bathroom, but the other morning, while I was getting ready, Micah went into the bathroom and climbed into his bath tub that was sitting on the floor.

We are also starting to have issues with Micah and opening all of the kitchen cabinets. It is time to baby proof the house!

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