Sunday, October 25, 2009


All I can say is "What a week." On Thursday, Micah and I went to our gym class. There is a part of the class where we have the babies all stand up, and we let go. Micah stood on his own for 15 seconds!! He sat down, and looked a little scared afterwards, but I was amazed - that is the longest I've seen him hold a stand on his own so far. I'm pretty sure he'll be walking before he is one year old.

Lately, Micah is obsessed with his Daddy. He howls and runs to the door and bangs on the screen door screaming "Dad" or "Dada" when he steps out. It is kind of adorable. He also has a new trick - he likes to feed mommy food from his tray and he laughs hysterically as I "gobble" it up.

Here is another recent video of a few of Micah's "tricks":

And Micah playing peek-a-boo:

So...onto the crazy part. Micah and Daddy had a private night together on Friday - while I went out for a girls' night for my friend's birthday. I made her a cake - we bought her a mah jongg set for her birthday, so mah jongg was the theme! We went out to an Indian restaurant that was more like a Morroccan restaurant. They had a Bollywood/belly dancer, and we sat on cushions low to the floor and shared big plates of food (with no silverware). We had so much fun!

On Saturday, we were supposed to go to a birthday party, but the weather was lousy and it was canceled. Saturday night, we went out to our friend's annual "Black tie potluck" event. We got all dressed up, and my parents came to sit with Micah for an hour or two while we went out. When we got home, my Dad was complaining that he had the chills. I took his temperature, and it said 101. I immediately suspected he had swine flu, and I sent them off to the hospital. Needless to say, I was worried for him, for Micah, and for this baby. After a long wait, and a CT scan of his sinuses and a chest xray, they decided he had pneumonia. No cough at all, just fever and chills. They admitted him to the hospital and put him on IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, he does not seem to be responding, so they added more antibiotics - he is now on 3 of them. I'm hoping he starts to respond better by tomorrow. If all is well with the bloodwork tomorrow, they'll release him.

I also think I have a sinus infection - so sickness seems to be going around. Nausea has been coming and going. My mom's friend was in town today, so she came by to see Micah. We went for a long walk, and I really thought I was going to collapse afterwards - I was shaky, my body hurt, and I was exhausted. I crashed for an hour, but then Micah woke up, and I was back to mommy duty.

My ultrasound is scheduled on Wednesday. I go from being nervous to excited and back again. One minute, I think things are fine...and the next, well, I'm not so sure. I just keep reminding myself "three more days."

So...feel better, Daddy!

ETA - I decided to take myself to the hospital tonight, too. I seem to have developed a case of bronchitis, and I thought I should hurry up and get antibiotics. After the doctor was incredibly rude to me (and informed me that I probably had h1n1), she finally wrote me the script for antibiotics (and a prescription for Tamiflu, and explained that I would be killing my baby by not taking it). I mean, seriously? I'll take the Tamiflu if I develop flu symptoms - but I just have a low-grade fever, my chest hurts, and I *know* that I have a sinus infection/bronchitis. I had a mild cold last week, so a secondary infection following a cold is par for the course for me. Ridiculous!

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