Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, DH

Today was DH's birthday - his first one as a Daddy. I'm sure I don't ever say this often enough, but DH is a wonderful husband and father. He is absolutely one of the kindest people I know, and it is clear to everyone how much he adores Micah. We always manage to have fun together, and I am so glad to be sharing my life with him!

Unfortunately, I think today was a bit of a disappointment, though - it was an entirely underwhelming birthday. A lot of that was my fault - it has been crazy around here, so I did not plan anything really big or special for today. I was having a hard time coming up with a gift idea, so I finally just asked him what he wanted and told him I'll order it later this week. I've been racking my brains trying to think of a good idea, and he always goes so far out for me, and I feel awful. I was toying with taking him out to dinner tonight just the three of us, but we decided to reschedule family dinner for my mom's birthday (and DH's) to tonight. So, we braved horrible rush hour traffic to meet my parents, brother, SIL and nieces at the Olive Garden that is halfway between us (my brother and SIL live an hour away). Fancy dinner, right? We needed a good family restaurant, so it really was perfect. Micah enjoyed breadsticks, pasta, minestrone soup and pizza. I love watching him eat real food! The girls were adorable, and we had a fun night.

I think DH also got a bit short-changed on the cake. I had grand intentions of making him a Bugs Bunny cake this year, but with my edible image printer broken, I just don't seem to have the bandwidth to freehand the bunny. Since we were also sharing the celebration with my mom, DH didn't even get his own cake - it was a joint cake with my mom! (I guess my mom was short-changed, too - she had to share the cake with DH!) I just made a very simple cake - a delicious chocolate truffle cake decorated simply with buttercream icing and chocolate icing. I made some pretty fondant stars on wire and had them spraying out from the cake. It tasted yummy.

In better news, we do have a fun night planned for date night - we are going to a nice Indian restaurant for dinner, and we'll wander around for dessert and enjoy the beautiful weather. Perhaps we'll also grab a movie if there is time. I did come up with one good idea that did not exactly pan out as I had hoped. We've been wanting to go eat at this really fancy restaurant for a while, so I called and made reservations. Unfortunately, the first available Thursday night reservations were not until October 29, so I took those and plan to take DH to part two of his birthday celebration there. When I mentioned this to him, he said he'd rather go in November and celebrate our anniversary there, so perhaps my fun birthday surprise will become an anniversary gift instead.

In Micah news, we have entered the world of diaper acrobatics. Trying to change Micah's diaper is a major undertaking. He flips over, climbs up the walls, stands - pretty much anything to make diapering impossible. Half of the time, we diaper him while he is standing! The diapers are never on properly, and it is a constant struggle while he complains loudly and fights us. We've tried toys (for some reason, he seems to enjoy playing with the thermometer the most), but those no longer seem to be holding his interest. I think I'm ready for potty training! I have to say, sometimes he even gets mad and hits me! I really need to teach him that hitting is not okay - while it kind of makes me want to laugh right now seeing him that mad about a diaper, I don't want him to develop a hitting problem.

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