Monday, October 5, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

I'm constantly amazed by what a "big boy" Micah has become. He definitely understands words, and he will also mimic me when I talk or do things. If you tell him "No" - he understands (but often chooses not to listen." He loves to dance, so if you say to him "dancing, dancing, dancing" he'll start bouncing and dancing! Here is some video proof:

He also loves to laugh - he laughs all the time, and he has the wonderful big belly laugh that just burbles up from deep inside. I melt each and every time I hear that wonderful sound. He sounds just like he did as a little infant - only louder. I caught a bit of video of him giggling because the dog was touching him. He LOVES interacting with her, and he squeals with delight any time she nuzzles or licks him.

Lately, his new game is to follow me around the house. He also will try and climb up the stairs every chance he gets. He climbs over, goes straight up the stairs, hangs a right around the railing, and usually heads straight to our bedroom to play with his toys. I chase after him multiple times a day - who needs a stairclimber? We have GOT to get those baby gates installed ASAP. We've started telling him it is time to go upstairs for bed or a bath and letting him climb up on his own. We tried to capture that on video tonight, but he was hamming it up for the camera. Here is the footage we did get:

On Sunday, we went to a BBQ at a friend's house. Micah decided to head off on his own and go exploring - up their stairs. Here is some video of Micah in action:

For good measure, here are some pictures. We never made it in for his 9 month pictures - between my computer dying, Micah getting sick, and my business trips, it just didn't happen this month :(. I might go this week for his 9 month pictures, and then go in 2-3 weeks for his 10 month pictures. Not quite accurate, but who cares!


Chele said...

He looks so big in these pics. I love his shirt!

Donna and Thorne said...

I can't believe how much of a big boy he is! Its so cute to see him getting up those stairs!