Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Visit, Daycare, TTC and Weaning

DH's brother, SIL and niece arrived here on Sunday afternoon. Micah showed off his skills, bonded with his cousin, aunt and uncle, and DH grilled chicken for dinner. DH had to work on Sunday night, so I hung out with his family while he was gone. Micah did not nap well Sunday afternoon, so he was ready to go to sleep around 7:15. He went down quickly and easily, and we all sat around watching him on the monitor. When DH arrived home, we enjoyed dessert with everyone. We then played a boisterous game of cards - my SIL loves the game "May I," so the four of us sat around playing for a few hours.

On Monday morning, Micah woke up bright and early. He had his breakfast, played for a bit, then went down for his nap. When he woke up, he said goodbye to his aunt, uncle and cousin and we bundled him off to his first day at the new daycare around 11:30! DH walked him over there, dropped off his stuff, and did the initial check-in process. He then met the rest of us at the brunch place we selected - we went to a delicious place that is well-known for their crepes! After brunch, DH's family packed up their things and left for home. It was a nice visit, although a bit short. I felt terrible that they drove all that way for only a few short hours of Micah time.

We picked Micah up at 5:30, and he seemed to have a great day. We were pleased with his caretakers, and he was in a good mood. Our only challenge: Micah would not take a nap at daycare. Not really a surprise - there is so much going on there! Hopefully, it will get better with time.

On Monday night, the ladies from my playgroup took me out to celebrate my birthday. It was a nice dinner, and we had a great time catching up. I cannot believe how the summer has just flown by.

We sent Micah back to daycare again today. This time, I dropped him off. He cried a bit when I put him down, crawled over to me, started whining "Mama" and put his arms up to be held. He was so cute. I think he was just in a clingy mood today. When I finally left, he was smiling and playing with a toy while his caretaker held him.

As of this weekend, Micah is officially weaned - or at least he is no longer nursing. He is still getting 1/2 breast milk and 1/2 formula, and will for the next few weeks until we run out. I am hoping to start playing with sippy cups again - hopefully we can get him to drop the bottle and take his milk by sippy cup.

DH & I are officially in our first 2ww since April 2008. I know the odds are low, but I keep thinking "what if." I've decided not to test at all this time (we'll see if that actually works). It seems so silly to keep wasting money! I think I am going to call the RE's office in October to make sure we do not need to do any other testing or paperwork to get started with IUIs in December.

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Prather Family said...

I'm glad the weaning process went well for you and Micah is doing great at the daycare.

Baby dust to you and I hope child number 2 comes fast this time around.