Saturday, September 19, 2009

Elmo makes it all better

The other day, Micah was very upset (probably because I decided to wipe his nose, or he fell down again), and he was sitting and crying. Those heart-wrenching sobs, the kind that make you wonder who shot his puppy. Try as I might, I could not comfort him...until I grabbed Elmo. One look at his Elmo doll, and he was all smiles. Even better - I put on a Sesame Street Elmo episode. Micah sat, entranced and smiling, for 35 minutes. Any time Elmo left the screen, he would start searching around the room looking for Elmo. Apparently, Elmo makes it all better.

It makes me think about how wonderfully simple life is right now for Micah. I wish Elmo could make everything better when I am having those moments of heart-wrenching sobs. It saddens me to think there will be a time when Elmo can no longer solve all of Micah's problems. Or a kiss from Mommy.

At the same time, however, there are things in life that do always alleviate the bad times. A nuzzle from my puppy, or a glorious smile from Micah. Maybe life always leaves us a little Elmo to make it less bad. Do you have an Elmo that makes it all (or some) better?

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