Saturday, September 12, 2009

An early visitor

Yes, you guessed it - Aunt Flo decided to arrive a bit early. I'm absolutely fine - just feeling ridiculous for getting momentarily excited. I knew shortly after I posted the last time that I couldn't be pregnant - it became clear that something is wrong with my cy again :(. The spotting went on all cycle, so either my PCOS is acting up or my uterine fibroid is back. Lovely! Either way, I'm back to "sane" and we'll try again this cycle. I think if the spotting happens again, I'm going to put myself on bcps until we do our IUIs in December - I just can't deal with the crazy, irregular cycles. Or perhaps I'll call my OB and ask for Clomid, although it did not work so well for me the last time around.

Sorry for my long absence - I've been experiencing technical difficulties. My computer hard drive died, and I've been without technology for almost 1 week! I'll catch up over the next few days.

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Kari said...

Sorry about AF. I hope that things are figured out and getting pregnant this time around is a little easier.