Monday, September 28, 2009

Poor little guy

Micah woke up at 5:00 am coughing and crying. We took his temperature (100.5), brought him into bed and gave him a bottle. By 7:00 am, he was up for the day. I brought him downstairs, gave him breakfast and played with him for a bit. I called the doctor's office and made an appointment for him for the afternoon. DH put him down for a nap at 9:30, but he decided to wake back up again at 10:15.

We went to synagogue as planned, but Micah was pretty miserable. We took him to the doctor at 2:00 pm, and we learned that he has a massive ear infection and a sinus infection. I was a bit frustrated, especially since they told us on Thursday and Friday that his ears were clear and it was NOT an ear infection. Anyway, they prescribed antibiotics for Micah, so hopefully he'll be getting better soon.

Oh - and picking up the antibiotics was a nightmare! The pharmacist was sitting doing nothing, and when he finally got off his ass to fill my prescription, he decided the dosage was wrong. After taking 1/2 hour on the phone and talking to the doctor - he ended up dispensing the medicine as prescribed. What a mess!

Break fast (the dinner we eat after fasting for 24 hours - breaking our fast) was nice - we had a quiet dinner at home with my parents. Bagels, lox, cream cheese, blintzes, tuna fish and egg salad were on the menu! It was a good evening.


Circus Princess said...

Poor little thing, hope he gets better soon :-)

Your breakfast sounds delish, I'm getting HUNGRY!

Chele said...

Poor Micah, I hope the meds kick in and he's feeling much better soon.

Kari said...

Hope Micah feels better soon!