Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 month checkup

Yesterday was Micah's 9 month checkup! He is doing really well - he weighed 17 lbs 13 ozs (still a little guy) and he measured around 28.5 inches. That puts him in the 10th percentile for weight (at least he is consistent!) and somewhere between the 40th and 90th percentile for height. Actually, they measured him 3 times and got 3 different heights - 27.5, 28.5 and 29. That little guy can squirm!! Developmentally, he is hitting all of his milestones right on target, and all is well. We talked about food and growth, and then my poor little guy needed a blood test (he didn't mind the prick on his finger, but WOW did he hate the fact that the lady was squeezing his finger to get the blood out) and two vaccinations (flu and his final Hepatitis B shot). He needs to go back in 30 days for another flu vaccination. We also had them culture his nose because it has been dripping for one month. All-in-all, a good checkup!

He went to daycare after the appointment and did just fine all day. I'm off on another business trip - I leave this afternoon and will be back on Thursday. I'm so sad to leave my little guy again, and a bit scared that this is the first time I'm leaving him overnight with his Daddy (alone). My biggest fear is that DH won't wake up if Micah cries - he just doesn't hear things at all. I think he would sleep through World War III if it happened while he was sleeping. Wish us luck!


Lynn said...

What a good check up! I'm really pleased your little one got a good report. Btw, he is adorable! So beautiful! I know it will be hard for you to leave him and I really hope his Daddy hears when he cries. I'm sure it will all be fine!


Prather Family said...

9 months, OMG time is going by too fast. Yay for a good check up. I hope the nose culture comes back okay.

I'm sorry you have to leave Micah again, hopefully dh will step up to the plate and things will go just fine.

Dr. Heather said...

He is doing so well! Sorry you have to leave him. Hopefully the time away will go very fast for you.

They took blood from the inside of Michael's elbow at his 12 month appointment! Michael was 19 lbs and 30 1/2" long at his 12 month check up.