Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look, Ma, no bib!

Micah has developed a new trick - he likes to pull off his bib. At times, I think he merely means to inform us that he is done eating. Other times, I think he is pronouncing that he is a big boy, and bibs are for babies. But mostly, I think he has his father's sense of humor and he finds it funny. He grabs on to the bib with two hands and just yanks until he pulls the fastener off. We have slowly been dealing with this challenge - we bought bibs that go over the head instead of fastening, so try as he might, he can't pull it off (and believe me, he tries). I am sure he will figure out how to pull it over his head soon enough.

***Edited to add: Sure enough, the day after I wrote this post, Micah figured out how to pull the bib over his head. We are in BIG trouble now.

Speaking of eating, Micah is eating real table food now! I'm still amazed by how "grown up" he is. We give him pureed food, too (especially since he STILL doesn't have any teeth), but he has been eating small pieces of chicken, brisket, potatoes, carrots, mushroom barley soup, squash soup, broccoli stew, lentils, couscous, quinoa, rice, cheerios, bananas, melon, yogurt, macaroni and cheese...pretty much anything we eat, he is eating, too! For good measure, here is a video of him feeding himself scrambled egg yolk and cheerios:


Kristin said...

They make bibs with sleeves. They might foil your little bib escape artist.

He does a great job feeding himself.

Circus Princess said...

A true bib-Houdini!! Too funny :-) If bib with sleeves don't work out he might have to eat in the buff.

Jaymee said...

isn't it just great when they learn to do things all by themselves, i mean all the things you don't want them to.

he has the best baby hair EVER!!


April said...

Wow! He's a smart little boy figuring out how to take off all of his bibs. You have a Houdini on your hands for sure.


Dr. Heather said...

Michael was doing that with the bibs at 9 months too! Luckily it was a phase, and he got over it.

babymakinchronicles said...

He's so cute!! Look at all of that hair!