Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three questions

Today I have an EXTREMELY serious topic to discuss. I'm having a horrible time making a decision about some life-altering choices, so I thought the best thing to do was to seek some input. First things first:

Apparently, I am way behind on planning Micah's first birthday party. I have no theme, and no cake choice made yet. Scoff if you must, but apparently I'm delinquent in my psychotic, obsessive, birthday-crazy mommy duties. Here are the ideas I've had so far - please feel free to throw out a few additional ideas!
  • Jungle Animals (maybe complete with some jungle trees and vines, lions, elephants, tigers, etc.
  • Barn/Farm Animals
  • Elmo
  • Doggy
  • First Birthday Theme - "hugs and stitches"

Now, on to my next critical "life or death" decision - what should Micah be for Halloween this year? He has a costume party birthday to attend on Halloween, and of course we'll have to take him trick or treating, and I figure he'll look adorable in his costume for his 10 month photos. Apparently, everyone in our playgroup has already bought a costume, and we need to catch up! Here are a few of my thoughts, but please feel free to propose your own recommendations:
  • Some kind of cute & cuddly animal. I've seen penguins, monkeys, lions, teddy bears, leopards, tigers, frogs, bunnies, chicks . . . what do you think?
  • Elmo - they must have elmo costumes, right?
  • Bam Bam - Micah keeps banging everything, so we thought it was appropriate
Finally, last, but not least, I am in the process of buying a new cell phone. I use my cell phone for both personal and work. I use the internet and check my email on a regular basis. I was debating getting the iphone, but I really like having a tactile keyboard (the onscreen iphone keyboard just doesn't quite cut it, and the service for AT&T kind of sucks here). I have now narrowed my choices down to:
  • Palm Pre
  • Blackberry Curve
Do any of you have these phones? What do you think? I currently have a Palm, so I do like their phones. The Pre has a touch screen with some cool features/capabilities and a slide out keyboard. The Blackberry would give me easier access to email, has a smaller screen, and everything is operated with the little mouseball on the front - no touch screen access. Decisions, decisions!

Hopefully, by the time this post goes up, I'll have set up some polls for you to vote on these serious questions!


Sarah and Andy said...

Don't worry, my co-worker purchased all of the monkey themed party decorations TODAY for her sons 1st birthday party. She hasn't ordered the cake or done anything else and it's next weekend! I'm sure you'll get it all thrown together and it'll be perfect! I like the jungle theme idea! As for Halloween, they all sound cute! I'd want to try them on Micah and see how he looks! On to the phone....I have the Blackberry Curve and I LOVE IT! The screen is larger than most and after figuring it out, I fell in love. I had a touch screen before this phone and I hated it! It sounded great in theory, but I was having difficulties with all the touching and sliding. Whew! Good Luck with all of your decisions!

Prather Family said...

I like the idea for Elmo for his birthday and Halloween since he is so in love with Elmo at this point.

I have no advice for the phones, I'm still a bit behind on that techonology. Good luck with all of your life-altering choices.

Cute post!

Jules said...

For the halloween I'd go maybe for bam-bam since that seems like the least irritating in terms of material? (I just am thinking if you want to take a lot of pics maybe to dress him in something comfy - some of the costumes I saw seem awfully coarse / itchy.

Phone - not familiar with those. My phone went out (external speaker - I can text but that's it) but hubby stole my upgrade a few months back for his Iphone so I'm stuck. Not sure but the mouseball might drive me a bit nuts if that's your only option?

B-day party. Ditto if he likes Elmo a lot now that would be cute. Although the jungle theme would open up to a lot more decorating ideas - hmm "elmo in the jungle?"

Think our girls are going to be stuck with basketball since the NCAA tourney is around their b-day and we all watch it. :P

Dr. Heather said...

Michael's first birthday party is September 12th. I mailed the invitations August 10th. His will be Baby Einstein theme, and I'm making catepillar cakes. I ordered the cups, napkins, 1st birthday onesie, and bib on Ebay. I've never made cakes like that before so hope it goes well. We will have 19 guests! I haven't even thought about Halloween yet. Sounds like Elmo will be great for you to do! I don't have any phone advice. I don't even have texting service on mine.