Monday, August 17, 2009

The most beautiful sound I ever heard . . . .

"Mama." Micah is definitely saying "mama" (and "dada," and "hi" and something resembling "doggy"), but my heart melts every time he says "mama" and looks at me. My mother has informed me that at some point (apparently at 4 am when they are sick?), it stops being cute, so I should work on getting him to say "dada" rather than mama! For now, I'm going to savor the cute factor.

Micah has been a huge grump lately, and I'm getting frustrated. He isn't drinking his milk (or nursing), he is not really eating his food, he is cranky and whining, and apparently sleep is becoming optional. I know we've had it quite easy all these months so I shouldn't complain, but I'm worried that there is something wrong. I couldn't get him to take a single bottle yesterday, or nurse for more than 15 minutes all day. He was pretty easy to put to sleep, but he woke up screaming at 11:30. I went back in, tried nursing him, tried giving him a bottle, tried soothing him, and he quickly went back to sleep...until I put him down in his crib. He woke up again, and he was smiling, waving, and saying "hi" and "mama" as long as he could see me, but screaming every time I left his sight. I decided it wasn't worth the battle (since he so rarely wakes up, something must have been off), so I brought him downstairs. I guess he either must be teething or he has been thrown off by the fact we lowered his crib this week (since he has been starting to pull up, we thought it was a good idea to lower the crib now). We kept him downstairs playing with us for about 30 minutes. He spent some of it nestled on my chest and sucking his thumb. When I thought he looked sleepy again, I sent him upstairs with DH and a bottle. Apparently, DH is a very good rocker, and got him to sleep in about 15 minutes. Micah slept through until 8:00 this morning.

Micah has had several accomplishments this week! First, he has pushed up to a sit a couple of times. He is not doing it consistently (I think he doesn't realize he can do it) but it has happened more than once. He is also successfully pulling himself up to a stand when he can get the leverage correct. He works so hard, and his little faces scrunches up into this expression of steely and stubborn determination. When he finally stands, he looks so proud of himself as he beams with joy, and he usually squeals with delight. He is also cruising - he can walk down the side of the coffee table or the couch, but he doesn't always remember to hold on and keep his balance. Last, and certainly not least, MICAH CRAWLED!! I would not say he is a crawler yet, but on multiple occasions in the past few days, he has leaned forward to all fours, crawled 3 or 4 paces, and then either pushed himself back to a sitting position or flopped down on his belly. I would guess full-out crawling is just around the corner now - a bit sooner than I expected. DH went out and bought baby gates and things to start baby-proofing the house, so we are getting prepared for Trouble.

Yesterday, Micah gave himself a black eye. Twice. Yes, I said twice. No, it was the same eye. We bought a new coffee table (it has a shelf on the bottom and 2 drawers) and we also bought these cute little woven baskets to sit underneath on top of the shelf. One basket holds our papers and stuff, and the other basket has Micah's toys. He already knows which is his basket, and he likes to go over there and pull it out and dig out all of his toys. Yesterday afternoon, Micah was sitting and quietly emptying the basket, and I watched him push it forward and tip it back towards him....just a little too swiftly. He smashed the edge right into his eyelid. I thought it wasn't a big deal, so I said "YAY, Micah" and started clapping (hoping that distracting him would keep him from crying). No such luck - he started BAWLING. I went and picked him up, and was surprised when the crying went on and on and on. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a big red welt forming. Poor little guy - he did a good job beating himself up! When he was wide awake at 11:45 last night, he was playing with the remote control. He managed to whack that right into the same eye. He is a little bruised and puffy today - should look lovely in our 8 month photos. Thank goodness for photoshop!

Micah would not take a bottle again this morning or much of his breakfast. We tried putting him down for his nap at 9:30 and he threw a fit. DH brought him back downstairs, and I tried again 20 minutes later. He cried at first, so I sat him up in the crib, gave him a toy, and left. He played for about 10 minutes before laying down and sleeping. We'll see how long he decides to nap, but anything is okay at this point! When he gets up, I'm going to try and figure out what to do with that crazy mop of hair, dress him for pictures and head out. We have the babysitter coming this afternoon, so hopefully I can get a bunch of work done.

Tonight I have mah jong with the ladies, so hopefully Micah won't give DH too much trouble at bedtime. I wish I knew how to get Micah eating again. Perhaps it is just teething.

In other news, I had a bit of a scare - there were reports of a gunman at my mom's office this morning on the news. I had a bit of trouble reaching her at first, but when I got her she informed me the gunman was in custody, no one was hurt, and all is well. Why are there so many crazy people out there?


Sam and Kerry said...

How precious.

Kari said...

What an eventful week! I will pass a tip onto you, put vasaline on the place they hit as soon as they do it and it won't bruise. I have had to do this HUNDREDS of times with all the kids I watch as they begain walking and crawling!