Friday, August 21, 2009

August ICLW

Today starts ICLW - International Comment Leaving Week! I just wanted to welcome those of you coming over for ICLW. Here is my standard "Hi, I'm Tkeys and I'm infertile" intro.

I have PCOS and fibroids, and DH has MFI. In December 2008, after several rounds of Clomid, IUI with injectibles, and finally IVF w/ ICSI, I gave birth to our first son, Micah! For a more detailed description of our TTC journey, click here. DH & I are just beginning the journey to TTC #2. Beginning this cycle, we are TTC naturally again (with the help of the CBEFM and Instead cups). I would say this attempt is pointless, but it is more on the order of searching for a needle in a haystack. Or maybe a giant hay field. But, I digress. Our current plan is to return to fertility treatments in December or January. We will probably start out with another 2 or 3 rounds of IUI w/ injectibles (why not) before going for another round of IVF next August. I am trying to keep my cool during this time of TTC "naturally." There are no HPTs in the house (why obsess each month when our chances are less than 3%?) and I expect long cycles. Please remind me each month when I start freaking out about imaginary "symptoms" that I am not supposed to be obsessing. My last two cycles have been 38 days - I'm not yet sure if that is from PCOS or because I am still breastfeeding. We'll see if the monitor detects a surge!


Shannon said...

Wouldn't it just be amazing if you TTC'd on your own, I'm crossing my fingers for you:)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck!
Especially with the not obsessing, that's the hardest of all I think :)


Baby Hungry said...

I am so glad you have one cute little baby to hold, and hope getting the second is much easier!