Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diaper Acrobatics

We have a new sport now - we call it "Diaper Acrobatics." Changing Micah's diaper is really an acrobatics routine now - he rolls, flips, grabs, sits, stands, and climbs - it is amazing we ever manage to GET the diaper on him at all! He also spends most of it shrieking if you try to pin him down. I'm SOOO ready for potty training - I'm just not ready for Micah to be that grown up. Tell me this diaper acrobatics is a phase - that he'll get more cooperative once he settles into this moving thing, right?


Chele said...

Wish I could but for me the next phase was my kids stripping off all their clothes and diapers everytime I turned my back. lol

Me said...

GROAN!! My brother used to do that, too.

Dr. Heather said...

still dealing with it here! Getting Michael's diaper changed or putting clothes on is a major ordeal.