Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still Here

Well, I'm still here...hanging in there. I cannot believe little Miss Twoey has not made her arrival yet!! I've been having fairly regular contractions for the past several days, and they've been about 2 minutes apart for the last 24 hours or so. I'm having a fair amount of pain and discomfort, and frankly, I'm ready to get this show on the road! We are about as ready as we are going to get - house is clean and in order, the necessities are washed, the car seat is in the car, the hospital bag is packed, and we are probably about as on top of our work as we are going to get. I should probably do about another month worth of work before labor hits, but hey, I've actually accomplished more than I expected so far. Now...if we could just come up with a name for Twoey!

This week has been a little better. My mom seems to be regaining her strength, and I'm trying to move forward with everything in my life, too. Yesterday was a good day with Micah. He woke up at 3:15 am screaming again, but he was laying down the entire time, so I decided to see if he could put himself back to sleep. Luckily, he was only awake about 15 minutes and then slept until about 7:30 or so. Still not perfect, but it was progress! Of course, I felt like a horrible mom the entire time for not going in to comfort him, but he was just upset, not hysterical, and I had a feeling that going in to his room would just make it all worse and have him up all night. I just don't want him to develop a 3:00 am wake up habit and think that is snuggle time with mommy and daddy.

I haven't been spending as much time on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Micah since our babysitter started a few weeks ago. It has been a great opportunity for me to get some things accomplished and take care of myself, but...I have been missing my Micah time! So, I decided to take the morning (perhaps one of my last with only 1 child) and spend some time with Micah. For our morning activity, I scheduled a haircut for Micah. We walked over there, got his hair cut, and then stopped off at a park to play. The babysitter helped with the chasing, but we had a fun time together! He gave me kisses, and he seemed fascinated by the other children. He saw one boy drinking water from a bottle, and he wanted one, too, so I gave him his milk. Then, the boy started to eat one of those sippy pouches of fruit. Luckily, I had one on hand, and Micah downed that, too. He then seemed ravenous, so I gave him a cheese stick. Unfortunately, he was still hungry and was searching through the bags for more food. I happened to remember that the restaurant across the street has a kids' performer and lunch every Tuesday, so we popped across the street. We missed the performer, but we were able to join in for the lunch special. Micah ate pita and hummus and a few french fries (okay, the fries are not super healthy, but he did already eat cheese, fruit and veggies before this, and I gave him whole wheat pita and hummus).

After lunch, the three of us headed back home. We immediately put Micah down for his nap and I went back to getting some work done. I was having horrible contractions and struggling with nausea, so the afternoon was a bit rough for me. Normally, Micah sleeps about 2.5- 3 hours. Naturally, 50 minutes after we put him down for his nap, the screaming began! I had the babysitter go get him, and I could hear that he was in a horrible mood.

I came upstairs to help out for a bit...and he was just a mess. I took him and hugged him for a while, but he was still yelling. I am fairly certain this is teething pain, but this has been going on quite some time. I decided to give him some Tylenol, and then I administered the next best medication I know...Sesame Street. I usually hate to use tv as a soothing device, but sometimes....well, it works. I flipped on the tv, Micah put his thumb in his mouth and curled up on top of me. After a little while, I scooted away from Micah (and let the babysitter sneak in to cuddle with him). I decided to make him some popsicles (I did 2 yogurt/applesauce and 2 applesauce) because I thought perhaps the cold would help his gums. I then went back downstairs and went back to work. I told the babysitter she should take him outside after the show ended - either for a walk or to play "basketball." I heard them go outside, and I could hear Micah screaming a bit. I checked on him - apparently, he wanted to sit and play in the bike trailer, and probably wanted to go for a ride. They stayed outside for about 30-40 minutes, and then the babysitter brought him in because it was so buggy outside. Micah was protesting loudly, but he brought his basketball inside. I came upstairs to play with them for a bit. I made a "basket" with my arms and showed Micah he could play that way. He actually giggled! Then I showed him how to bounce the ball, which is apparently hysterically funny. He spent the next 40 minutes throwing and bouncing the ball.

The babysitter left at 5:00, and Micah and I continued to play. He started to get grumpy again and he was banging on one of the cabinets, so I assumed that meant he was hungry. Lately, feeding him has been a challenge. I offered him a cracker and he threw it on the ground. I gave him a graham cracker, and he smashed that in his hands and screamed. I asked him if he wanted cheese, and he shook his head "NO." I asked if he wanted strawberries - again, I got a no. I opened the cabinet again and Micah lunged for the bag of raisins. I tried to give him a few raisins, but he threw a fit because he wanted to hold the bag and take the raisins out himself. I decided it wasn't worth the battle, so I let him have the bag of raisins. He sat on the floor happily munching on raisins for a while, but then started to get upset again. I offered him some cereal (we struggled over the box - he just wanted to dump cereal from the box on the floor), and then I decided that I would just feed him dinner because it was almost 6. I pulled out some turkey for him - and he was throwing it back at me before I even got it on his tray. I cleared that off and offered him some kidney beans...and again, those hit the floor. At this point, I got a bit frustrated. I put some fish sticks in to cook and I went in search of something for Micah to munch on while we waited. The cereal flew, crackers were smashed, and there was much yelling and screaming. I cut up a few strawberries, and Micah went to town on those.

A little after 6, DH walked through the door. Thankfully, he took over feeding our grumpy little bugger. He figured out that Micah did want the kidney beans - as long as he could eat them with a fork. Micah also ate a few fish sticks, followed up by a peach. In the end, he had a very good dinner. After dinner, Micah started to get cranky again, so DH took him on a walk. The babysitter returned around 7:30 (we had to go to a new student meeting at the preschool), and I warned her that Micah might be difficult at bedtime. DH returned with Micah and we took off for the preschool meeting. It went well - we met several other parents whose children will be in class with Micah next year (it turns out, I already know two of them), and we received copies of all the forms we need to fill out and submit in the next few months. When we got home, we learned that Micah went to bed immediately...and much to our amazement, he slept soundly until 8:15 this morning (and played quietly in bed until 8:30).

Today has been rather uneventful - I had a rough night dealing with all the contractions, but apparently it was not enough to send me into full labor. I'm still contracting and uncomfortable, but no need to run to the hospital yet. Micah is at daycare and I have been focusing on getting some last-minute work done. I also ran out and met my mom and dad for lunch.

About 10 minutes ago, they called today from the crematorium...Nugget's remains should be ready today. I just cried all over again. I am still missing that little stinker!! We went out and bought one of those little surface brooms - we have a lot of mess we need to start cleaning. I'm not ready to have that box of her ashes here...I guess I'll just have to face that soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to pop back over and wish you some strength on picking up Nuggets remains today. When I picked up Hershey's remains 2 weeks ago, I thought I was going to be an absolute mess. It was hard, don't get me wrong, but I felt so much better once I had him here at home with me. I look at the box on my mantle and I just cry, but he's home now, and I have to remind myself of that. I put a framed pic next to his remains and that helps me remember his sweet little doggy face.

And congratulations on your pregnancy and soon to be arrival! I can imagine you're totally ready to get the show on the road :)
I'm 31 weeks pg. after IVF and I'm ready to meet my little girl for sure :) It doesn't help that the heat has been pretty brutal in the Northern VA area where I live ;)