Monday, June 7, 2010


I have had my blog listed for some time on the Stirrup Queen's blogroll. For many months, I participated in the "IComLeaveWe" (international comment leaving week), but I have not been as active for the past few months. Well, among other wonderful aspects of the Stirrup Queen's blog, she has a "Lost and Found Connections Abound" blog where she posts good news, losses, etc. and encourages the blogging community to get out there and support people in need.

I have noticed the past few days that I have been receiving a TON of comments marked LFCA (Lost and Found Connections Abound) and I was a bit surprised...not exactly sure what was going on, or what brought about the sudden influx of comments from people who do not normally read my blog. So, I went and checked out the LFCA listing/blog, and sure enough...there it was. A post in the "Miscellaneous Support and Celebrations" section directing people to come to my blog and lend their support for the loss of my dog. I teared up all over again - I have no idea how she managed to notice with all the other blogs she tracks/publicizes, but the support I have been getting from the blogging community really does mean a lot. I'm sure many of you are thinking "hey, it is just a dog" but this time has been tough for me, and the support truly means so much to me.

So...thank you. Thank you for adding me to the LFCA page, and thank you to all who have shown up just to lend support. I greatly appreciate it! And I think that I, too, will work harder to check out the LFCA list and lend some virtual support where needed in the future. So...thank you again.

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