Monday, June 21, 2010

It was a good night

Okay - so after my slightly foul post, we actually had a nice evening, so I thought I would try and update with a little more positivity. Micah walked in from daycare screaming...because he was having so much fun on his new bike seat, and his Daddy made him get off the bike and take his new Mickey Mouse helmet off. After some tears (and a little music), Micah was all smiles again while he sat at the dinner table being entertained by Mommy and Daddy.

By 7:00, we were all finished with dinner. Micah played with his toys for a few minutes - he loves to sit on his riding toy and push himself around the room (and as he runs into toys in the way, he says "beep beep"). We decided it was time for our nightly walk (our recent tradition the past few weeks). I announced to DH that Twoey wanted chocolate ice cream (ahhh...the best part of pregnancy - who can deny a baby anything?), so off to Ben & Jerry's we walked. I decided to get a cup of 1/2 Chocolate Therapy and 1/2 Phish Food, and immediately Micah was whining and grabbing. He has only tried ice cream once or twice before, and he did not seem all that interested. Well, tonight he proved he is ABSOLUTELY and UNDENIABLY my son...he went to town on some serious chocolate ice cream! I had one of those little taster spoons for him, so I gave him a bit on the spoon. He scarfed it down immediately and said "MMMM." He immediately reached out for more ice cream. Spoonful after spoonful, Micah kept eating the chocolate, and each and every bite was greeted with a resounding "MMMM." I have to say, like his Mommy, he cried a bit when the ice cream was gone. He was very cute all covered in chocolate, and I'm certain I've got a chocoholic on my hands!

As we walked, I noticed that every time Micah saw a chair or a bench, he said "sit down." I realized that while that is one of his favorite phrases recently, I think he is not just simply ordering everyone to sit, he actually thinks that chairs and benches are called "sit down." We were laughing - it was just so cute! He also made sure to point out the trees, the birds (and tweet like birds), and all the different lights. His vocabulary is just growing exponentially every day!

On our way back, we were a little earlier than usual. I was just not feeling up to walking with all the contractions, and I really needed to head home. We arrived at the park around 7:45, and DH asked if I wanted to stop and sit on the bench and let Micah run around in the park for a little while. I said sure, but warned him we'd have trouble getting Micah to leave (and made him promise he'd deal with any tempertantrums) so off Micah ran to the slides. He was so cute as he climbed and laughed and yelled "sit down" at every bench and chair he saw. After 15-20 minutes, I told DH I needed to head back. We snagged Micah after one of his trips down the slide, and he was clearly not happy to be taken away from his fun. I got creative, and remembered that we passed by the basketball courts on the way in (and Micah loves basketball), so I asked Micah if he wanted to walk with me to the basketball. He clapped, grabbed my hand, and off we went to the basketball court. As we drew near, Micah spotted a basketball sitting on the grass...and off he ran to grab it. He walked with DH to the court, started bouncing the ball and trying to throw it in the basket. There were about 10-15 men shooting hoops on the court, and they were all so nice to clear out of the way and let him play for a few minutes. He was clapping and laughing and screaming "bah-ball" - I could see his grin from 30 feet away! A few of the guys were dribbling the ball and dunking it in the basket, and Micah was WOWED. He tried to dribble, too (well, he took the ball and banged it on the ground a few times) then did his imitation of a jump shot (lifting it over his head and picking up a leg while he dropped the ball and clapped for himself).

After another 5-7 minutes, we had to put an end to Micah's basketball time and head home. Unfortunately, Micah was devastated...and had a complete and utter screaming meltdown. He would not let us put him in his stroller, and DH had to carry him home, shrieking and screaming. He was hysterical, and kept screaming "bah-ball." Note to self...perhaps bed time is a bad time for basketball. He was just so devastated to be leaving, and we felt a little bad about the whole thing. We finally got home and he was still a mess when we walked through the door. We debated just bringing him upstairs for bath and bed kicking and screaming, but instead I thought that a quick tv program might be a better idea. I asked Micah if he'd like to watch tv, and he got quiet (well, those little hiccupy snivels were still left) and he looked at the tv. I told him he needed to stop crying, sit on the couch and say "please" and I'd put the tv on for him. He immediately ran over to the couch, climbed up and said "peez." So, I put on an episode of Between the Lions and Micah was all cuddly, happy and content. Just after the episode, Micah happily went upstairs for bath time.

For the past few nights, after bath time, Micah loves to roll around in our bed, pull the covers and pillow around him as he snuggles in and declare "night-night." I think he is starting to express his desire to sleep in a big bed! It isn't going to happen any time soon, but it sure is cute.

So, while I'm still very uncomfortable and unhappy that Twoey has not yet declared her arrival...tonight was a wonderful night. I'm loving these last few precious moments as our family of three, with Micah as my only focus and attention. I will definitely miss this special time with him - and I'm so sad that my little boy is growing up so quickly before my eyes.

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Circus Princess said...

I felt like I was part of your nice evening. Even tasted a little ice cream and shot some hoops :) Thanks for sharing!