Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

We had a very nice (but kind of mellow) Father's Day yesterday. It was a bit hectic because we had people coming over...and I probably should have done more to make the day extra special for DH, but I just don't have the energy right now. I had gotten DH a card from Micah and one from me. Micah made his Daddy a tie-dyed t-shirt in daycare, so that was his gift to his Daddy. I also had ordered DH a new "jump seat" for the bike for Micah. We have a bike trailer, but now that Micah is older, I thought DH might find it easier to transport Micah in the seat instead of the trailer (he bikes him to daycare 3x/week and they run errands together). I also ordered a few other "odds and ends" he needed for his bike.

Because DH is particular about his bike, I ruined the surprise gift about a week or two ago so DH could investigate my gift and see if he thought it was the best option for his bike. Naturally, he had other ideas, so he asked if we could order a different seat. That seat arrived last week...and long story short, DH wasn't so thrilled with the seat. After doing more research, he concluded that I might have actually identified a better option! We re-ordered that seat, and it just arrived today. DH spent this afternoon attaching it, and we should know in a bit if he likes this seat better. I hope he likes his gift...but I feel badly that there was no Father's Day gift-opening surprise for him.

DH doesn't know this, but I had planned to order him some personalized gifts with pictures of Twoey for Father's Day as well...but she has not been so cooperative. I'm also now missing all the Father's Day sales and free shipping on items, but, hey, I guess that will just have to do. Once she arrives, I'll complete his gift with something from Twoey (and perhaps a nice picture of the three of them together).

We did not have any big plans for Father's Day (mostly because we were afraid to plan anything with my supposedly impending labor). My brother, SIL and their girls decided to come down to our house, and my parents came over. We had my parents' anniversary to celebrate, my brother's birthday AND Father's Day that all deserved some attention. Unfortunately, I just did not have it in me to bake a cake, nor did any of us feel like doing any real cooking.

Instead, I pre-ordered a dozen bagels on Saturday, and DH, Micah and I walked over to pick them up in the morning. Round trip, the walk was almost 2 miles. I was hoping the effort would send me into labor...but as you can see, I'm still here. When we got home, we threw together some egg salad and some tuna fish. Everyone arrived around 12 (it was later than we had originally planned because my brother had a slight scare...they thought their dog ran away...turned out, she was just stuck and hiding under a bed). Anyway, we all sat down to a light lunch together. The kids were so cute playing together - Micah was running loops around the house being chased by his cousins, and they were all happily screaming together. We all gave my father a Keurig coffee maker and some accessories. I just gave my brother a card for his birthday, and a card to my parents for their anniversary. My brother and I felt a little bad that we did not have anything special for their anniversary...we'll have to come up with something later this year when things calm back down again.

Anyway, my mom is still quite exhausted - she was upstairs napping for a bit while the kids played together. I love watching Micah interact with his cousins! Everyone left around 2:30, and we put Micah down for his afternoon nap. He only slept about 2 hours...but it seemed to be enough. When he woke up, we played for a few hours, and then DH grilled some burgers for them for dinner. Micah gobbled up about 1/2 a burger and some strawberries. He was very cute. The little monkey has been climbing INTO his high chair lately - we have to really watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

After dinner, we decided to go on another walk. We ended up walking another 2-2.5 miles and stopping at the grocery store. It was a nice long walk, and we got back just in time to give Micah a quick bath and put him to bed.

I haven't felt much like blogging lately...I'm kind of miserable from all the contractions, and I cannot believe little Miss Twoey has refused to make her appearance yet. I never wanted to be one of those women who complained about still being pregnant...but this is not fun, especially with the contractions and the prior expectation of pre-term labor. I'm now officially worried that they will have to induce me, and that would involve needles. Perhaps worried is an needle phobia has started to kick into high gear, and panic is beginning to reign every time I think about when/if this baby is going to show up.

Things have been MUCH better with Micah since he has been on the more night wakings, and his grump factor has gone way down. We have only been giving him the Zantac at night, but I'm wondering if we should consider a daytime dosage, too.

Wish I had more to add...I'll post again when I have more updates. I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday and another ultrasound later this week. Keep your fingers crossed I can miss those appointments!

Anyway, just wanted to wish a very Happy Father's Day to DH, to my father, and to Poppy Ira! You are all very much loved and appreciated as fathers.

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