Monday, June 14, 2010

18 months

Wow - I cannot believe how the last 18 months have flown by - my little man is now 18 months old!! Each and every day, he amazes me. I do have to say, I was certain he'd be a big brother already...perhaps soon!

We have not weighed or measured Micah in a while - I'd guess he is around 22 lbs right now, and maybe 34-35 inches tall. He is wearing 18 months (or 12-18 months) clothing and a size 5W shoes. We are still having issues keeping his pants on his skinny tush - so far, we can only wear the shorts that have adjustable tabs in the waist. We have not set up his 18 month checkup yet - I assumed that Twoey would be here, and we'd just bring Micah in at the same time we brought Twoey in for one of her appointments, so we will not have his stats for a little while still.

As for milestones, his language skills are increasing each and every day. He is repeating more words, and he seems to be using more and more words to communicate. He is even stringing a few words together (like "sit down" and "get out"). He does seem to be confusing a few words lately - apparently, "more" and "all done" seem to be synonymous. He also seems to be calling lots of people "Mommy" lately - it seems to be his word when he wants comfort from any person. He is also so loving and sweet - I just love how he gives hugs and kisses all the time.

Physically, he is very strong and seems to be developing as he should. He climbs on and off furniture and loves to sit on grownup chairs. He loves to play catch and throw his basketball. He loves using all of his different toys, and he runs around the house. He keeps trying to walk down stairs (I don't think he is *quite* ready for that yet, though). He seems to do pretty well with some of the smaller steps (like the one leading out of our house). He LOVES to be outside, and he does everything he can to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Here is some video I took a few days before Nugget died - we had a "playdate" with one of my best friend's dog, Bentley. Micah was showing off his reading/talking skills and loving on Bentley:

We are still having a big challenge with eating - he gets very stubborn and picky at meal time. It is a big guessing game - what he will eat, how he will eat it, etc. One minute he'll eat something and the next minute he is throwing it. Sometimes all it takes is handing him a fork, or putting some dipping sauce down for him. Other times, we have to get entirely different food for him. Lately, he wants to do things himself with food - sandwiches need to be whole, he wants the whole banana and the whole piece of chicken. He likes to hold the bag of raisins and eat directly out of that (or the cereal box or the cracker box). Often, I try to insist that he eat from his tray, but sometimes, it is just easier to give in to him. Sometimes, he just wants to eat out of a bowl or a plate like a "big boy." We never know if he'll eat a ton or practically nothing!

His sleeping habits are improving...he has been napping better and sleeping later again, but we've had a few mornings when he wakes up extra early. I think it is still related to teething (and his new bug bites) that are bothering him. Unfortunately, he has been a bit challenging to put down most nights and for naps - he has been crying a bit more lately. Luckily, he usually doesn't cry that long, but I wish he wouldn't get so upset!

As I mentioned, Micah seems to be plagued with some bug bites this week. He had a spider bite on his arm about 1 month ago, but this was different. On Thursday night, I noticed a small red bump on his leg when we were getting him ready for bed. I didn't think much about it - it was fairly small and I figured it was no big deal. I checked it out in the morning before he left for daycare, and told DH to ask the daycare to keep an eye on it. On Friday night when we were bathing him and getting him ready for bed, the small red bump had turned into this:

It was very blistery - tons of tiny little blisters. I started to wonder if it was poison ivy or a spider bite. It did not look infected and it did not seem to be bothering Micah, so I cleaned it off with hydrogen peroxide, put some caladryl on it, and kept it covered. We also gave him some benadryl to help with the swelling and itching. I also noticed a small red bump on the bridge of his nose. When we woke up on Saturday morning, the bite on his leg looked much better. The bump on the bridge of his nose was more swollen - according to DH, he looked a bit like a Klingon from Star Trek! I called the doctor to see if we should bring him in to the office. She said that as long as his eye was not irritated and while the mark on his leg was not looking infected, streaking, or expanding in size, we should just keep doing what we were doing. We kept the bite on his leg covered and cleaned, and we did not pay too much attention to the bite on his nose. Micah went to services with his Daddy in the morning, took a VERY short nap, then we all went to the pool to play. After pool time, we visited my parents for dinner - my mom hadn't see Micah in almost 1 month! I think this is the longest stretch she'd ever gone. We had a good night, and left after a few hours.

Sunday morning when Micah woke up, his left eye was practically swollen shut! I couldn't tell if the bite from his nose was causing the swelling or if it was a new bite, but it looked terrible. We debated taking him to the emergency room, but his eye looked clear and he did not seem to be in any discomfort. We took some benadryl cream and put it on his eye. DH took him out for a few hours, and my dad came by and picked me up. DH, Micah, me, my brother, my SIL and my two nieces all met up around lunch time at my parents' house to visit my mom. She is doing better, but still so wiped out. Micah spent the afternoon trying to talk to his cousins and chasing them around the house. They were so cute playing together!! I was actually impressed at how well he was playing and interacting with them. He kept trying to communicate with them, too. At one point, the kids were VERY quiet - I got worried something was wrong. I found them in the other room, with my eldest niece showing Micah how to play with this set of nesting dolls. It was so cute to see them together! My youngest niece asked me where Nugget was...that was a tough conversation for me. She did not understand and kept asking why Nugget was gone. Over the course of the day, Micah's eye improved dramatically. I think the cream helped, and the extra dosage of Benadryl at naptime probably didn't hurt either.

Tonight, after dinner, Micah, DH and I went on a long walk. I think I discovered where Micah is getting all of his bites - on his nightly evening walk! We are going to have to start covering him in the organic bug spray we have. I was hoping to kick things up on the walk and get this labor on the road! Well, it worked - I am contracting like crazy and I barely made it home. I'm sure it will stall out again, but I'm getting pretty fed up! I'm starting to worry I'll end up OVERDUE after all of this! My system is still a mess, and I'm feeling terrible. I'm not sure this baby is EVER going to come out!!

I think I mentioned before that with Nugget gone, our house has been a mess! We counted on her to do a lot of our vacuuming. Well, we invested in a lightweight vacuum we are now using on a regular basis to clean up after ourselves. The first day we used it, Micah fell in love - he came running over, took control of the vacuum, and went to work. So, there is a new housekeeper in town!

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