Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Kind of Labor

Well, I'm in some kind of labor . . . but I think this is somewhere between prodromal labor and stalled labor. I'm contracting regularly (and prodromal labor is usually irregular contractions) but the intensity of the contractions has been inconsistent (perhaps a sign of stalled labor). I also seem to go through phases - I have hours when the contractions are 4 minutes apart and fairly intense, 4 minutes apart but not so intense, and other blocks of time when they may stretch out to hours of contractions every 7 minutes or every 10 minutes. What this means is I'm starting labor but I do not seem to be getting there particularly fast. Apparently, this could go on for quite some time. I have no idea if all the contractions I've had in the last 24 hours are causing any progress yet. All I know is I do not think I can do this part for weeks. I'm willing to be patient this week, but this part is no fun. I'm just uncomfortable enough that it keeps me from keeping my "normal" routine, but it isn't intense enough most of the time (or moving fast enough) that it makes sense for me to drop everything and focus exclusively on birthing. So, I'm trying to relax but keep busy, increase my physical activity in the hopes of speeding things up, and try any other ideas I can think up! The most frustrating part is that I think my body believes it is in labor - it isn't letting me keep any food in my system. Anything I eat comes right out, and trust me, with contractions that part is just miserable. So, I have yet to figure out how to fuel my body without making myself feel awful. I'm going to try some juice and clear liquids today to see if that helps.


Shannon said...

I am praying for you, I know you want this little guy to come out and he is playing little games..I bet he is an active little man when he finally arrives!!! I can't wait to hear the news of when he is finally here, and see pictures! You are so blessed.

Donna and Thorne said...

Sorry you are going through this and hopefully it doesn't last to much longer. Perhaps the little guy will come soon! Did you have a name for him yet, or did I miss it somewhere down the line? Looking forward to hearing when you have him and praying everything goes smoothly!
Take care and KUP!

Chele said...

Yikes that's awful. I hope you can kick it up a notch and have that baby asap. Enough already! I'm sending him vacate vibes and you +++ vibes for an easy delivery and a healthy baby in your arms by the weekend.