Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More tricks

I'm trying hard to stay positive, but, in truth, what I want to do is whine. I've been spotting since my appointment on Monday, but I don't seem to be progressing to the next level. Today the contractions seem to be worse again, and I'm back to uncomfortable. I just really hope that this turns into labor. I'm torn about what to do - I'm at a point where they are willing to induce me, but I don't want to rush the baby out. At the same time, I'm not sure how much more my body (or me) can take of these constant contractions. I'm tired, extremely emotional, and I'm really afraid I won't have the energy for actual labor when it finally gets here. The back pains are killing me, and the constant squeezing is making me batty. I'm not getting much work done because I'm too uncomfortable, and with all the contractions, I don't feel up to driving and running errands either. So, I've been pretty house-bound, bored and uncomfortable. There are only so many hours a day for so many days in a row that I can just "relax." I'm really not getting much relief from relaxing, and I don't know how many hours a day I can reasonably spend in the bathtub before I officially become a prune. I can't even seem to sit still long enough to do much on the computer. Please tell me there is relief in sight.


Sarah said...

You will be AMAZED at how different you're going to feel once the baby is on the OUTSIDE. Remember, I was housing a near 12 pound baby (at 38 weeks!!!!!) and felt like a new woman after I recovered from the c-section. Relief is in sight!!!!

Chele said...

Hugs, I know it's awful for you right. Hopefully, the full moon will kick you into full labor. Once that baby is here you will forget a lot of this discomfort and pain.