Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 6 of Contractions

So today is day #6 of regular contractions . . . I didn't think this was possible! All of the medical experts have said these kind of regular contractions are rare for prodromal labor - they are all surprised the contractions haven't dissipated or converted into "real" labor yet. The contractions have been far less intense since yesterday - definitely noticeable, but tolerable. I'm not miserable and uncomfortable today, but I'm really sick of the constant contractions. It makes me feel like I've got a constant stomach ache (and don't even get me started about the fact my body refuses to hold any food because it believes I AM in labor)!

We had another ultrasound this morning - baby is looking great, and he passed his biophysical profile with another perfect score! Apparently, he is having a good ole' time in there. He spent most of yesterday and today with a big case of the hiccups . . . it makes me laugh every time he hiccups! My amniotic fluid is much lower than it had been . . . not sure if that means anything yet. I keep thinking that I'm leaking some fluid, but I'm not really sure if it is just wishful thinking. We got another 3D picture of him, and I'll try and post that later.

So, I'm still on track to hang in there until Monday. I'm wondering if I'll have another round of big contractions in the next few days . . . the past hour or two, the contractions do feel a bit more intense, but I'm not really sure if it is progressing at all yet. I know that every day he stays in is good for him, but I just really wish my body (and the baby) would make up its mind - in or out - and then commit to that plan. If he is staying put another few weeks, fine, but can I get a break from the contractions, please? If he is coming out, well, let's get to it!

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