Monday, December 1, 2008

36 weeks . . . at last!

Well, I did it! I made it to 36 weeks. And now I'm ready to have this baby.

I spent all day yesterday contracting despite continuing the terbutaline. They were not intense, but they were 4 minutes apart. I finally stopped the terbutaline around 6 pm . . . and my contractions seemed to disappear. I was SOOOO disappointed. I had some, but they were fairly spread out, and not gaining in intensity. DH & I went to bed around 2:00 or so, and I was so sad that labor was not imminent for me.

At 4:00 am, I woke up with contractions. Not the mild ones, but fairly intense, radiating around to my back kind of contractions that were 4 minutes apart. I was SOOO excited. I went downstairs and got my ipod so I could listen to my hypnobirthing recordings and relax. The back pain was intense, and I really couldn't seem to get comfortable. I woke DH up to tell him . . . and of course, he started puking again! His timing with the puking is just horrible. I don't think he still has the stomach flu, but I do think the stomach flu has aggravated his very sensitive stomach. Now, if I could just convince him to take his stomach meds . . . . then he might be helpful to me through these contractions!

Anyway, I tried relaxing in bed for about 1 hour, and then the pain in my back was making me quite uncomfortable. So, I decided to fill up the tub and climb in the jacuzzi. I was SOOOO excited. I got in the water, I put on my ipod, and I hit the button . . . . and nothing. Yup, the jacuzzi wasn't working AGAIN! I was so upset! DH came in and tried to help get things started (in between trips to the other bathroom to throw up). We eventually gave up, and instead I took a nice warm bath. I listened to my recordings, and was feeling much better. After the bath, I took a shower - it was about 6:30 or so by the time I was done. I crawled back into bed hoping to get some sleep. No such luck, but I did manage to relax until 8 when we needed to go to our appointment.

DH & I drove separately to the appointment. It was rather uneventful - we just talked about what happened this weekend, when I should come in, etc. My belly was measuring perfectly at 35 cm, and she said I am 70-80% effaced, over 2 cm dilated, and the baby is at -1 station, so all is well! She said this could be today, or it could be weeks. I'm hoping the baby decides to make an appearance this week.

After the appointment, I went to get our car seats, and have one installed in my car. That should have been so simple, but the people at the car dealership were being SOOO difficult. I had to drive to 3 different locations before they would help me. And I was cranky because I was having contractions every 4 minutes. I then went over to the baby store and picked up a preemie outfit (just in case) and then went to my parents' house to drop off the 2nd car seat and trade them for their base to put in DH's car. While at my parents' house, I ran into their cleaning lady - who has been working with my family for at least 25 years. She was so excited to see me, and we had a nice little chat before I left.

I came home to relax a bit . . . and, of course, I'm now frustrated because the contractions seemed to have slowed a bit. I want this guy to come OUT, not play games!! Let's hope they pick back up again.


Mandy and Russel said...

It just seems so CRAZY to me that your little guy could be here anyday!!! Why does everyone elses pregnancy seem to FLY by and I feel like I've been pregnant a year and I'm only 3 months!!!! :) haha I'm so excited to hear what this week brings, I check your blog about 2 times a day! :) Good Luck!!! I'm thinking of you!

Sarah said...

WOO HOO! You are SOO close! I can't wait to see your little guy!

Chele said...

Not long now! Maybe by the weekend your little boy will be here! YAY! Our local police and fire departments do the carseat safety installations here in Florida. Hope you and dh have recovered from you stomach flu.

Me said...

Thanks, Chele! The fire stations do the installations here, too, but they are only open for free clinic days, and I missed them and was afraid to wait for the next one. The car dealerships also have clinics, but one of them is supposed to be available everyday to do installations, but apparently they prefer when you call ahead, so they gave me a hard time before they finally installed the seat for me. We did the base in DH's car ourselves, and he is going to run over to the fire station today to see if they will double-check it for us.