Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Productive...and a trip to the ER

Today was an incredibly productive day for me. I actually got to sleep around 1:30 or 2:00 last night, and slept straight through until 6:30 am when my Mom called. I was able to head back to bed and doze on and off until 8:30 when Micah and Maya woke up. I nursed Maya this morning while DH got Micah breakfast. Megan arrived at 9:00 and helped DH get Micah ready for preschool. DH left with Micah for preschool around 9:15, my father left to run his errands, and Megan took over with Maya.

Over the next 2 1/2 hours, I managed to clean the house for the cleaning lady, unpack a few boxes, dig out a few things in the bedroom, take a shower, return a few business calls, cancel my mom's therapy sessions, do a load of laundry, sort the kids' clothing, and empty a few boxes in the kitchen and the dining room. We still have some junk laying around in the dining room and the kitchen, but the house is really starting to get organized!

Krystal called to tell us that she had arrived at the hospital with my Mom. DH went to visit Mom with Micah after preschool, and I arrived there around 12:30. Dad was already there when I arrived, and DH and Micah left shortly thereafter. We had a nice visit with Mom. She was feeling well and looked great. We met with the nurse coordinator to try and get everything with Mom's medications straightened out. We also asked to speak to her doctor to try and determine when they plan to release her.

We had one funny moment today - the nurse coordinator was asking Mom questions, and I misheard (I thought she was asking how old Mom was and I answered "65" - it was actually a totally inappropriate response). Dad and I laughed...it reminded us of Mom in the emergency room yesterday - the doctor was interviewing the patient in the room next door (so much for patient privacy/HIPAA, right?) and Mom could hear all the questions. He would ask her how old she was, and Mom would answer. The doctor would ask about the woman's pain, and Mom would answer that she didn't have any pain. We were laughing, because each time we tried to explain to Mom that he wasn't talking to her, she kept asking "Well, who else is he talking to?"

I had to call and cancel our massages (again). How disappointing! Mom and I had been looking forward to our massages tonight. As fate would have it, Mom did end up with a bit of a massage. While we were there, an oncology massage therapist came by and offered a hand and foot massage to Mom - it is a service they offer on the oncology floor! So while it wasn't the massage we had planned for today, it was a nice bit of relaxation for Mom.

At 4:00, we had a visitor...Edna, a possible caretaker for my mother. We sat and chatted with her a bit, and she seems wonderful. She used to work for my mother's boss for many years taking care of her father, and every time I have spoken to her on the phone, she just has this warm voice that immediately makes me relax. I almost feel like she is giving me a great big hug and handing me milk and cookies! When she walked into the room, she had a huge smile on her face, and immediately came over to see Maya. She clearly adores children. We talked about our needs and our home environment, and she says she would like to try working with us. Her availability may not match up, but we are going to try working with her on Mondays, and perhaps add hours if it works out. My Dad left and drove Edna home (she lives right near my parents' house).

I stayed with Mom for a while longer, and then I headed out to a nursing home to visit my friend's grandmother, Della. My mom had been hoping to visit her today, but this hospitalization delayed our plans. My mom is hoping to go visit Della next Tuesday if she is out of the hospital by then. I had a lovely visit with Della - she had a big grin on her face when she saw Delicious, and we had a fabulous visit. I called my Mom afterward, and she was so glad we were able to go see Della.

When I arrived home, I found dinner waiting for us. Our friend V brought over dinner for us - chicken, vegetables, potatoes and brownies. We had a great dinner, and it was so nice to be home in a clean house. My friend H came by for a visit around 7:15, and we all hung out together for a few hours. We did sit down and watch Glee - Micah just loves the show! They did a dream sequence with the "Make Them Laugh" routine from Singin' in the Rain, and Micah was HYSTERICALLY laughing. It was so funny to see him amused by the routine. I'm amazed by how sense of humor develops. I don't think he understands enough to really appreciate the routine, but yet the playfulness of the routine and the faces and the falling just tickled his funny bone, and he couldn't stop laughing. My Dad has decided to bring over some of his videos of Broadway routines to sit and watch with Micah - I bet he'll love it.

H stayed and hung out until 9:15 or so, and then she headed home for the night. She got to see the house, but I don't feel like we really had much time to just chat. Hopefully we'll catch up more next visit.

Both kids went to bed easily tonight. Maya has woken up 2x tonight, but both times all she needed was her pacifier and she went right back to sleep. I've been so amazed by how much Maya has been growing recently. She is sitting and playing with toys, she can take her pacifier and reinsert it herself, and she is just so alert! I love that just a few weeks ago, she first learned to suck a pacifier, and now it is a permanent attachment. Micah, too, is growing up so quickly. His language skills seem to be developing by leaps and bounds. He is often using 2-3 word sentences. I love how he makes up words, too. "Say cheese" for camera, and "Apple poon" (apple on a spoon) for applesauce. He asks for cake every night now, and he bangs on the gate to downstairs yelling "PLAY!" when he wants to go down and play with his toys. He goes in to see "Mimi" all the time, and he is constantly asking where the baby is. He loves to give hugs and kisses, and he is just so sweet. I cannot believe how quickly my babies are growing up. Micah turned 23 months on the 14th...next month he'll be 2 years old! Amazing.

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