Friday, November 19, 2010

Coming Home...Take 2

Mom came home tonight! It was a bit of a surprise...we were told she would not be home for at least another day. I guess her doctor changed his mind, because she was released around dinner time. Her white blood cell counts are on the rise, and her platelets are relatively stable. She still has a long way to go to fully recover, but for now, she is home, sleeping and all is well.

It was a typical morning in our house...Maya finally slept through the night after I got her into her crib at midnight last night. Megan arrived at 9, and I took Micah to preschool today. We had a fun day in preschool, playing, making menorahs, and mostly behaving. Micah and I returned home a little after 11, and I traded children with Megan and headed back out the door to take Maya to a class. Maya and I met up with our cousins, and we had a great time. After class, we went to a quick lunch, and then Maya and I went to the hospital to visit my mother.

As we were parking the car, DH came out! He had popped in to visit Mom, too, on his way back from his meeting. I went inside, but only stayed about 1 1/2 hours. While we were there, the doctor decided to release Mom, so I drove home so that DH could come back with the wheelchair van for Mom.

I waited at home with the children...and Micah was being awful. He was whining at everything! He wanted his tricycle in the house and his helmet on so he could ride around inside. I finally just gave in because I was so sick of the whining and crying! He ended up eating an early dinner - mostly blueberries, with a bit of yogurt and noodle kugel.

When Mom came home around 6:30, I gave her dinner. It was one of the strangest meals we've had in a while...noodle kugel, egg rolls, couscous and chocolate ice cream. She stayed out with us for a bit longer, then headed back to the room. We had an aide here to help us for a few hours, but she mostly sat in Mom's room the entire time. She did help get Mom ready for bed while DH, Dad and I bathed the children. Micah went down easily, but Maya fought sleeping until 11:00 pm. Mom slept from about 11:00 until 4:30, and she is already back to sleep. We have a new aide scheduled for tomorrow (from a service) so we'll see how that goes.

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