Monday, November 15, 2010

The Break-In

Damn - lost my entry again. I just entered the entire thing and the system glitched! That makes me crazy. Here is the short run down:
  • Mom was up at 1:30, 3:30 and 7 last night - rough night.
  • The kids slept until 8.
  • I took Micah to swim class at 11.
  • While I was out, Mom's co-workers came to visit. One brought couscous (thank goodness - my Mom has been talking about it all week). They also brought beet salad and a fruit basket. Thanks!
  • She had polished off 2 bowls of couscous by the time I got home.
  • Micah sat at the table and joined them for lunch.
  • Family friends arrived as they were leaving - they brought a defrosted kugel and a babka.
  • Two other friends arrived next for a visit.
  • Mom did really well with the stream of visitors.
  • Micah and Maya were napping, and Mom went back for her nap a little after 3.
  • I took a brief nap around 3:30 while waiting for one of mom's childhood friends and her husband to arrive, and Dad went to the store.
  • They did arrive...and ended up letting themselves in and walking through the house while all of us slept!! They left a babka with a note for us...we felt terrible that we missed their visit. We do need to start keeping our door locked, though.
  • We had dinner at 6 - mostly leftovers. Dinner conversation sounded like this: Can I have some couscous? You have a bowl in front of you. Oh. Can I have ice cream? After dinner, Mom. Okay. Can I have more couscous? Sure. Do I have more couscous? Yes - right in front of you. How about that ice cream? Mom, the rest of us are still eating and there are meat dishes on the table - can you wait until we're done with the meal to eat the ice cream. Sure. Can I have ice cream? Mom - remember, we have to wait until the end of the meal and I promise, you'll get ice cream. Right. Can I have couscous?
  • Mom's burglar friends who broke in earlier called to say they were still in the area, so we rounded out our night with a visit from them.
  • At 8, Mom headed back to her room, and we had a meeting with the architect.
  • We finally selected a contractor for our renovation - we hope to sign the contract tomorrow.
  • Mom has been up all night not feeling well...headache and nausea. We're a bit worried about her. Not sure if this is brain swelling, or eating too much, or the change in medications, but it isn't a good night here
  • Maya just woke up at 4:30...she is screaming, too.
  • DH forgot to give Micah his reflux medication - so I suspect he'll be up screaming in the next hour, too.
Fun night in our household.

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