Monday, March 30, 2009


I don't exactly have much of an update right now . . . we are still having bedtime challenges. Micah seems to do better when we induce a food coma, so I've been nursing him until I have nothing left, and then supplementing him with a bottle of breast milk when he still seems to want more. It has left me wondering if he is really just hungry . . . perhaps he is not getting enough milk off of me during the day. He is still gaining weight at an unbelievable pace, but yet . . . I think these meltdowns are more than just "normal" baby things. Maybe he is getting enough to stave off the hunger during the day, but when bedtime comes around, the cumulative hunger hits and he melts down. I'm not exactly sure what to do . . . I guess I either have to try supplementing during the day, or working on increasing my supply so he can get another 1/2 ounce or so a feeding (I think that is all it would take).

I did check with the doctor . . . who said he is gaining weight normally and not to worry about it. And yet . . . I know my boy. He doesn't generally cry and get fussy, and when he does, it means something is wrong. Now, if I can just figure out what.

In other news, we are more than halfway through the renovations to my condo, and we should be ready to put it on the market in about 4 weeks. I can't believe how smoothly that is going (and we STILL haven't finished renovations on our house . . . did I mention I still hate my contractor?)


Emah S said...

Hey there.......just a thought. I see that Micah is 3 months and 2weeks. You were off traveling right about the time he hit 3 months, and I wonder if it's possible that you missed the growth spurt increase of supply.......usually when they have a growth spurt, it increases your supply and thereby provides for their increasing demands and growth. It might be helpful to take some supplements or even to add some oatmeal to your diet for a week or so to see if it helps. Also, it's possible as you say that he's just not getting enough during the day, could you add in another feeding at some point? Esp. since he's going long stretches at night, he needs to make up for it during the day, or just before bed wtih a cluster feeding (every hour for the few hours before bedtime).

Either way, hang in there, you're doing awesome!!!

Chele said...

I was also thinking growth spurt. Even at 18 and almost 17 mine eat and sleep more until they are through it.