Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bedtime still sucks

For lack of a more appropriate and descriptive term, bedtime the past few nights . . . SUCKS. Tonight, Micah was being cute and playful. He started to get sleepy around 7:15, so we bathed him, lotioned him up, and got him ready for bed. He smiled, took his medicine, and eagerly awaited his bedtime "snack." I nursed him, and he began to drift off to sleep. In fact, he was out cold before he finished nursing. I tried to wake him, but he would have none of it! So, I quietly transferred him into the crib, shut off all the lights, waited five minutes, then left the room.

Fast forward about 10 minutes. MASS HYSTERIA began again. I have no idea what woke him up, but he was hysterical. I went upstairs, nursed him some more, and put him back to sleep. I snuck back downstairs. . . . and five minutes later, he was crying. I sent DH upstairs to work his magic. He tried the paci, and then Micah became hysterical again. DH spent the next 10-15 minutes singing to Micah, and he finally crashed again. We placed him back in the crib, and so far, so good (with the exception of 2 more paci insertion trips up the stairs).

I don't really understand it. Our entire trip to California, and ever since he was 8 weeks old, bedtime has been a joy! Since the night we returned home from California, bedtime has not been the same. It doesn't matter that he is relaxed and tired, it still becomes a screaming session every night. Once we get beyond it, everything is fine, but the process is very draining. I wish I understood what is happening that makes Micah so hysterical at bedtime everynight now. I also wish I knew how to fix it.


Chele said...

Yikes and hugs! Not fun at all. It's probably just a phase that has coincided with your traveling and he will return to his normal schedule soon.

Shannon said...

I would say talk to a pediatrician but usually they don't help the matter. In general, is he is a good mood during the day? I'm just wondering if his ears are bothering him from the flights, or if he is gassy? If not, lets just hope he is back to normal within the week...maybe it was just a bit too much for the little guy:(

Me said...

Chele - I hope you are right!

Shannon - it is literally the act of putting him down and leaving him that causes him to go nuts. He is happy and smiling all throughout bath time, changing into pajamas, nursing/storytime/singing, and he generally is dozing off and yawning and mellow or sound asleep when we put him into the crib. He either wakes up when we put him down, or he notices a few minutes later (5-10). And then he is difficult to sooth/calm back down because he is over-tired, and once you get him calm, putting him down sets the whole mess off again. If I had traveled without him, I'd think it was separation anxiety, but he has been with me the whole time.

Prather Family said...

You know I don't have any advice and I will probably be asking you for advice in a few months, but I do hope it gets better and this is just a phase for him.